Does anyone go to Westonbirt??

Hi I was trying to find out if there were any people who walk around the illuminated trail at Christmas, I have just put 145 par cans onto base plates and we start putting them in the forest on Sunday and was just wondering if getting wet through to my knicks is worth it. I never get to ask the public because I am always shooting here and there and I feel if they have walked for miles then they want to go home not talk to me about how they did or did not like it. The client(Westonbirt), are always pleased it would just be nice to have someone elses imput. :) I'm glad you like it I take my dogs up there as often as I can its a brilliant place.
We have done the Xmas illuminated trail twice. I think it's very effectively done, but what puts me off is the CROWDS. I guess that's what makes Westonbirt happy, but I don't enjoy lots of people. We always like it best when we almost have the place to ourselves, not much chance of that on the Xmas trail!! It certainly is amazing to see all the trees etc lit up, quite an 'other-wordly' experience. Sorry to be dumb, not sure what your par cans are, but I would say your effort is definitely worth it. I would recommend anyone to go.
Hi thanks for the message and i'm really glad you enjoyed it. The par cans are the individudal lights we put under each tree, with different colours on or if the tree is amazing we just leave it clear:), I agree about the crowds- trying to walk at everyone elses pace is not nice, I like to look and enjoy at my own pace. Maybe if you go up this year i'd love to get your opinion if its not too cheeky!!
Sorry for the delay in replying, we've been away for a couple of days. Yep, if we go I'll certainly let you know what I think, I'm sure it'll be fantastic as usual!
Hi Karen, it's just outside Tetbury in Gloucestershire, it's the National Arboretum. It's a peaceful and soothing place, and really beautiful in autumn and again in spring when the bluebells are out. And at Xmas, they light up the trees and you can go on after dark walks in the freezing cold! They usually have mince pies, mulled wine, coffee etc for sale to defrost walkers afterwards! But seriously, it's worth a visit if you're in the area.