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Does anyone have goal clothes?


bye bye baby tummy
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I haven't because my goal size is what i was before 3 children so I don't want to get something which wouldnt fit my new shape because what ever weight i get to inevitably i will be a different shape


bye bye baby tummy
S: 14st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st7lb(10.61%)
oh to add... i dont have anything yet but i know things i will be getting

Ive picked out 3 made to order steelboned corsets and I have 2 dresses to shrinnk into though not goal size (ones a 14 and ones a 12)


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I haven't bought the item of clothing that I want to get in to, but its my best freinds wedding next year and she has already lost 9 stone (although she's starving herself, and not doing it proper) but I have a picture of the type of dress I want to get for her do. Its a really posh wedding and I want an expensive posh frock to go in! X
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I did have some "goal clothes".

I didn't go out and buy something too small - and I don't recommend it, either, because your shape might well change, and something that you think will fit might not - but I had a gorgeous pair of purple jeans that I'd saved from when I used to fit in them.

I loved those jeans.
So they were a really good goal to aim for.

But then I slimmed past them and had to give them away!

I did have another goal though: there was a brand of clothes (Desigual) that I absolutely loved, but couldn't wear, because they don't do big sizes, and they come up really small anyway.
So, although I didn't go out and buy anything from them, I kept going into the shop, and reminding myself how gorgeous their stuff was, and promising myself something as soon as I was at target.
Which I just bought, last week!

So I'd say, if you haven't got anything of your own in your goal size - don't buy, but look, and make a promise to yourself to buy when it fits. That's good motivation.


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3 yrs ago when I first started on my journey I saw some jeans in next for a fiver a size 16 they aren't goal clothes but well on the way to goal clothes I'd say another 28lb and ill be in them hopefully.

I wouldn't suggest people spend a fortune on a small size because as someone said your shape may well change x
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I dont have goal clothes, but I love the idea.
The only reason I dont have them, is because I dont have a 'goal'. Well I do, but it's kinda 'I'll know I'm there when I get there' kinda thing. I just want to look, and more importantly feel good about myself. As I have never been slim, I dont know what weight/size this will be.
Great idea though if you have set a goal - I think it'd keep you really motivated xxx


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I had some next jeans is bought in the sale but were a size 14 in my wardrobe which inspired me to start loosing weight, both pairs are now hanging off me!

sweet pink

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My biggest goal when I started was to lose enough that I could fit into my wedding dress. I've had 3 children in a short space of time so thought that if I could get back to the size I was before I had them I would be happy even though at the time I thought I might be a bit optimistic. I'm pleased to say that 10 months later & my wedding dress doesn't fit me because it is now too big & I'm wearing clothes in a size that I probably wouldn't have been able to fit into since my teens & am determined to get to at least a 12. Like Jim of Troy I love desigual but I have always been too big to wear their range. This winter however I do plan to treat myself to one of their fabulous coats so long as I keep losing over the summer as my reward :D


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Im nearly at target & have found nothing more satisfying than going into a shop & trying on a size 10 dress that fits...........so my advice would be to wait til you're near/at target & then get your 'goal clothes', the feeling is wonderful!
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For me its a pied a terre black dress I bought in January this year its a size 14 but more like a 12 hoping to get into it some time this year xx
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Yes a lovely pair of size 10 jeans which were too big for me this time last year. Was under 9 stone then lol
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I have bought a dress (size 20 ) for a wedding it didnt fit but it was what i was looking for. I was a size 26 and am now comfortable in the new dress, i am looking forward to dropping more sizes i feel so much better.


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I haven't bought anything new but I have several clothes from before I put on weight that I would love to be able to wear again :)


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I have a wardrobe full of them! I have lost count of the amount of times I have bought something and thought 'I'll slim into it' and sadly i never do... Not this time though!!

I have a pair of size 10 trousers that I bought 9 years ago from Topshop, I've only ever warn them a couple of times and my aim is to wear them in 40 weeks when we go on holiday, i want to wear them to the airport. The few times i did manage to fit into them i think i was the happiest i'd felt about myself ever so I know how proud I will be of myself when i achieve my goal as the trouser have been hanging up all these years and I've longed to be able to wear them again.


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some clothes that i used to wear before and plus some new clothes my parents have got for me x dont know when i will fit into them though x


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yes i have lots size 12's which i will get into, fav trousers are size 12 and i will be over joyed when i can zip them up, :)


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I have loads and loads of trousers especially from Next size 14 that hubby bought me, as when he asked me what size to buy i always said size 14. plus i bought a dress to wear to my sister in laws wedding in a 14 but the wedding was last year and i still havent worn it. it is really gorgeous but plain.