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Does anyone know....


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Does anyone know how many lbs you have too lose to drop a dress size??? i understand that it prob varies between people but is there an average?
Supposedly about 10lbs.....I read that somewhere but no idea where or, indeed, if it's true.....


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I don't think any of the averages are true. Every single person loses weight differently and from different areas of their body at different times.

You'll just have to keep on trying new sizes when old ones get too big i'm afraid :)


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I lost 21lbs and went from a (tight) size 10 to 12 to a size 8 to 10 x


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It's about 10lbs for me I think. I've gone form a 24 to a 20, which is now starting to become a bit loose.

I've lost 16lbs, but haven't gone down any size in my waist of stomach..but the legs of my jeans are gone loose.. So i guess where ever your body takes your fat stores from first..
Me too, have lost 15 and jeans are looser around the legs but not so much off waist, top is smaller but belly still rotund ;-)


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I'm with Tanya, I had lost several stone before my dress size changed because I was shedding it from weird places however now the dress size bits like boobs and waist are shrinking quickly and catching up so going through the sizes quickly.


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im thinking the same as yourselves i didn't think i was going down dress sizes initially now that im near the end i find that im moving down now quickly even though i lost the bulk of weight from aug till nov, its only in the last few weeks that it seems to be shifting size wise hope that kinda makes sense!

I just wanted to know if there was an actual figure on it! Thanks everyone!!


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lou1 said:
I just wanted to know if there was an actual figure on it!
Pfft... that'd just be too easy now, wouldn't it? Hehe good to know I'm not alone in that weird shrinking pattern though x
I guess you have to look at it this way..Its not only External fat your losing, but you have more internal fat on you organs that has to shift aswell.. So I'm very glad that stuff is coming off the likes of my heart and liver 1st..


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I always thought it was about a stone per dress size, well for me anyway. I guess everyone is different? I'm pleased to add I'm comfortable in my 20's now instead of tight 22's, yeay! X
In the past when I've dieted it's been a stone a dress size for me too, but like everyone has said could be different for everyone!

Good luck xx