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Does anyone not pay for SW?

We do have members on here who do not go to the weekly classes or do the diet online. They have bought the books and just do it themselves and come on here for group support. It can be done

Irene xx


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Me!! :D I get all my info online/here & a book from a friend. I can't make it to meetings & the SW Online thing is too expensive when you have a great support group for free here!! :)


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The one thing I would say is that you've never done SW before then it is hugely beneficial to go along to at least one class, even if only to get the books (much cheaper than ebay) and the introductory talk from the consultant.
I've been going it alone since around last September. Well, I say alone, but I have so much support here and from my friends that I really don't feel like I'm going it alone. A friend of mine gave me a spare starter kit that she had and I come on here for hints and tips and to naughtily ask for syn help.
Good luck and hope it works for you.xx


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I'm going it alone too with the help of minimins! I bought a starter pack from Ebay and a very, very kind Minimin let me have a spare food directory!! There is no way i can make it to any classes because of my work schedule and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how much it is to do it online!
I've lost a stone over the last couple of months and am still feeling really motivated. I think that as long as you are in the right frame of mind and really want to do it then you will succeed. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
I started doing slimming world on my own yesterday. I don't have much time to go to classes, and I'm quite skint lol!!

I went to classes a few years ago, so I'm using the books from then, but it doesn't have EE in it, so I'm trying to get all the info I need about that plan from on here.:)

Good Luck!:D
yes i had been SW class member for 2 years and i just did not feel any benefit - maybe others did but i just didn't feel any benefit of it.

i know SW well ish so doing it on my own and hopefully on the right path - but i must say minimins is brilliant (may i even say better than classes)....creeps off again....

good luck
Hi all,

I am also 'going it alone'. I live in Ireland, where there are very few classes so I don't really have much choice. I also don't want to have to pay for the online plan because my internet connection is not massively reliable these days..

This site is sooo good though, loads of info about the plan and lots of lovely people to help out.

Having said that, I am considering driving to the North for a class. It would be a half an hour drive at least but it might be worth it anyway. Does anyone go to, or know of anyone who goes to the Derrylin class?


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I go it alone too, mainly as I don't like the C who does the groups near me and also as I don't have time as I work long hours and have a 12 month old baby.

I have found with the support of this site & keeping a Food Diary that I have stuck to it, I do think though that with any healthy eating plan, your head has to be in "the right place" for you to succeed.
I lost just under 8 stones in 2 years following the plan on my own at home, but I have now come to the cross roads where there are so many changes with the plan that I felt I was missing out as a member. I still need to loose another 4 stone 10lbs, and went back last week. Im glad that I did, but if you are determined, you can do the plan quite well on your own at home.
Good luck!

I am a shift worker and in the past not being able to get to the meetings de-motivated me and I came off the diet as a result. I have joined online this time round, my friend gave me her SW book from a few years back and I use the SW site for syns online and tracking my weight. All in all, I wasn't that impressed with SW online. It was expensive (£60 upfront for 3 months) and you dont have the contact you would have if you had a consultant. I had a query once and before I could email them for a reply I had to check that my question was not on frequently asked questions otherwise they wont respond. I am VERY lucky to have found this site, it really is a blessing. When my 3 months runs out, I might just join meetings again and go when I can, I have since found out being a shift worker you dont have to pay for weeks you miss so this helps too. I miss the contact, if you have a question to ask my SW rep or text her. A lot of ppl on this site do it alone so it can work like that too. Best of luck
I do it myself on here never been to a meeting :) got a syn directory but rarely use it eat tend to eat a HEB for breakfast (cereal, toast or alpen light bars) and something easy for lunch either last nights leftover dinner or pastansauce or savoury rice or supernoodles (all free on green or EE tho some flavours pastansauce have low syns) and dinner tends to be based around free foods too then i use my syns throughout the day on snacks and you very quickly learn the syns of your fave snacks (kitkats, curlywurlys, alpenlights, cheesecurls for me)

good luck the people here are very friendly and helpful and will not mind syn value requests or endless Qs about SW!


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