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Does anyone suffer from low blood pressure?

I'm just wondering as the last time I did LL as I got closer to my target my blood pressure was extremely low, so low actually it wasn't on the chart (so the nurse told me) I also had a problem with it affecting my lower extremeties, where the low blood pressure affected my feet. I think that back then it was my body telling me I was at the right weight, not that I listened! I carried on losing more until it got quite bad. I wanted to carry on losing more weight but because of the blood pressure I had to start RTM, and instantly my blood pressure returned back to normal. I just wondered if anyone else has ever had the same problem?
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i suffered low blood pressure too first time round. dangerously low as i reached my initial target. got my new revised target so hopefully i wont suffer this time. got my first bp check on monday. im def gonna listen to my body this time. xx
I just wondered as mine wasn't even on the scale, and I suffered with my lower extremities, so if I had been sat down for a while I had little movement in my feet due to the blood not getting around sufficiently, but this started at 9 St 6pm which is why I've set that weight as my target, I'd forgotten about it to be honest but for the last few days I've started to get very bad pins and needles in my feet and I wondered if that was anything to do with bp, probably way too early yet though!!!

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funny you say that as it started at 9st 6lbs for me too which is why my goal is 9st 4lbs to 9st 7lbs. im gonna see how i feel. were the same height so strange... my lowest check was 102 over 51... now my doc said if it dropped again he was contacting my llc to remove me from abstinance. my totm had came 5 times in a 6wk period and they had each lasted 3/4 days. he said this is what happens when the body goes into starvation mode as the body/hormones try to regulate itself before your cycle stops completely... scary eh? at my nxt class i had lost 5lbs which had exceeded my goal so i started rtm straight away. just listen to your body. are you adding salt to your savoury food packs? sometimes that can be tha cause of pins n needles? take care xx
How strange is that!!! It was a bit scary but I put up with it to lose more weight!! I think it hit home though when I saw myself walking on the treadmill and I could see me dragging one foot, looked s bit silly! So this time I'll defo be listening to my body! No I don't add any thing to my packs so not sure what the pins and needles are about, sooo cold too at the min but it can only be a good thing!!! You take care too!!!

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Can I ask what your BP was if you remember. I'm a nurse so just curious as I've only just started LL last week. I'm 25 and mine is usually bout 110/60 odd. but can't really afford it to go too low due to my job, need to function properly. 102/51 is quite low. First figure is low but not too bad but the 2nd one is a lot lower than it should be.
Hi it was a few years ago but I so remember at one point the bigger first number was at it's lowest 85-90, my sisters a nurse and she said it was shockingly low, I used to go get my pressure taken at lloyds pharmacy, they didn't know about LL and I remember she couldn't record it because it wasn't on her sheet!!!!

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That is pretty low. Drinking a lot of caffine can affect it. Carrie is right. Just listen to your body this time and go with the flow.
Off to my WI now. HEHE. So excited and nervous at the same time. Cause even though I've lost weight (I can tel by my jeans being on my hips rather than my waist :) ), there's stil that thought in the back of my mind that the scales are evil and are out to get me.

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