Does anyone use the Wii fit to track their weight loss


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I just wondered if you found it accurate. i go to WW and i have to throw away my scales as they always seem to say the same weight yet i am losing at WW. I set up the Wii fit and it says this week i have lost 3lbs but i can't remember if i said i was wearing heavy or light clothing the first time round!

Does anyone weigh in using the Wii fit and do they find it accurate.
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I would have done it naked but didn't draw the curtains and don't want to scare the neighbours! Do you find it accurate?


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I stopped using it as it was so erratic and made me want to punch the cartoon wiimii thingy. ;) I'd step on an weigh then step on again straight away and there would be a huge variation!! Never a good one either lol. I lost when I gained 4lbs in about 8 seconds one day!!!


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Ive stopped using mine, wasnt giving true readings, now have some digital scales that seem to be better but tbh, i dont like the fact it shames you if you have put a couple of pounds on by asking how etc, and i hate all th making sure your postures correct, takes too long, also i use simple weight recorder on my fone, i like the fact i have the data with me so when i want to see it, i have it on me


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Yep i have been happily using the wii weekly for the past year. Always weigh on friday morning naked (before opening the curtains lol;) )

May not be perfect but then nothing is. Suggest only one weigh in- then you dont have to worry about accuracy! If you have enough to lose then it works perfectly:D


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There's a massive difference between my bathroom scales and the wii, about half a stone! Some days the wii will say I've lost say 3lbs when the bathroom scales give me a sts x


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There is nearly a stone between our scales and the wii fit..... It said I was unhealthy cause It though I lost 8lbs in 2 days, probably cause the first time I had drunk my 2 litres of water already :p