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Does CD help with TOTM


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Can't help here I'm afraid - I'm regular as clockwork, but they aren't as painful and I don't get bloated like I used to.


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I read that any weight loss will help with the symptoms of PCOS. Soooo I suppose if you are losing weight with cambridge the answer is yes.


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the 6 months preceeding CD my totm went completely to pot! Had always been a regular 28 day girl. But then at the beginning of the year they went haywire and my cycle was lasting a maximum of 14 days, of which I was "on" and heavy for 7 days of the 14. This (I now realise) coincided with me hitting my highest weight ever.

I came on at around the same time I started CD, and had read all kinds of things on here about people having shorter cycles, so was dreading it.

However as the weight has dropped off, my cycles have re-regulated themselves! I know its early days yet as I am only 7 weeks in to CD, but my last cycle was 30 whole days and I was less heavy than before.

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I found CD messed with my cycle, I dont have PCOS but I know alot about it. I was a regular 29-30 day girl but had a 6 week cycle on CD. Didnt really bother me as I wasnt TTC but it went back to normal on my break off CD.

However with PCOS preventing you from ovulating regularly CD should help with this, as the weight drops off and your body is not dealing with the insulin resistence issues caused by PCOS you should start to see a return of your cycles to more regular intervals

Best of luck

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