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Does everyone go out after Weigh In?


A happy downward spiral
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I have never done this, cause I'd be so angry with myself if I didn't lose... or haven't lost great!


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No - never really understood why you would celebrate a loss by immediately going out and making it harder for yourself to lose the following week

If you want chips and gravy then do your own syn free ones!
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group always inspires me to have a free-food filled day!

Wee Doll

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chips with gravy sauce over them :)

i eat half a hifi bar give the other bit to my OH

when i hit a milestone ie 1/2 stone or 1 stone last time my oh bought me nice things like a ring and charms for my bracelet

far better to treat yourself with stuff that lasts rather something naughty and edible lol
I think everyone is different. My friend has to know she can have what she considers a real food treat every week. I don't because I'm unlikely to stick to just 1. If a food reward does it for you and you're still losing I think that is fine. I prefer non-food rewards as I don't have enough will power to be let loose around food, lol.

Naomi F

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Like most people have said, I just don't get this... you would only be cheating yourself! Although from how I read it, just one chip? Well I guess that can be allowed as long as you count it into your syns! :DHonestly we can have 15 syns per day which is quite a lot as you use them cleverly and not on things like sandwhices! If you absolutely need to cheat on wi day or you will fall off the wagon then fair enough but otherwise I would question your motivation


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My OH takes me out once a month and I consider that my 'treat' night but I still try not to over do it and watch my syns/exercise a little more the rest of the week! I also have a 8.5 syn chocolate bar after WI each week... I don't use my syns for confectionary throughout the rest of the week so it's like my little something special.

Ultimately, it's your choice. If you're still losing weight then I don't see any harm in it, as long as you're responsible for your actions and can keep it under control.


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My treat is that I don't go home lol. Hubby has the kids and I go to my besties house who has a SW friendly dinner waiting and then we watch the apprentice and have a giggle.

I am very lucky. She makes it easy to stay on track. It's nice to have dinner cooked for me for a change!


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I too struggle to understand it but can see that for some people it works, I think I am too scared to try it as I know once I fall off the wagon it can take a while (and many lbs on) to get back on so prefer not to risk the temptation lol

I have only just started back on sw but have tried not to get in the habit of using my syns for sweets/choc/crisps and use them on my main meals and I honestly havent missed it but if I do I will have something within my syns.

Everyone is different though so I think its all about finding your own way of doing things :D


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Its funny because in the past, I just used to get weighed, not stay to class and then go home or out and pig out almost as a reward for sticking to plan for a whole week! Now though, I always stay to class and I come away feeling inspired and ready to have a good week and wouldn't dream of stuffing face after being weighed. However, now, my 'bad' time seems to come at the end of the week, ie the day before weigh in, where I always want to be naughty and sometimes it does get the better of me, I must admit! So maybe it is better to 'treat' myself after weigh in and have the rest of the week being an angel!!
I have often been a WI day binger in the past, and never really worried about it!!

Last night, however I went straight home and cooked an amazing omelette!! It really was fab, and showed me that I don't nees to treat myself with food!! I was happy with a hi-fi, which ended up being within my syns anyway!

Its what works for you I spose!



A happy downward spiral
G: 12st0lb
Guess its my group thing.
I never thought about it until the end of the class and everyone was talking about the chinese or chip or pizza they were going for.
I just thought it was customary or something.

The first week I ate the whole thing and loved it.
Last night I struggled towards the end and gave some to hubby.
Felt good hehe.


Mens sana in corpore sano
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I used to be a WI day binger...after group it would be something of the sweet variety! I still have a treat after class, but I've been pretty strict with myself since I started...previously that binge would have gone from Wednesday to Sunday, but now I have one thing (sometimes more) and when I'm done, I'm done.

The biggest change I've noticed is that I can't even stomach a majority of the stuff I used to crave so badly. The last choccie bar I had as a treat was a snickers bar, and I had to give half away...nothing like the old me at all! Also, I'm more mindful of the portions - I find it much easier to have a decent week if I get my treat day out of the way on a Wednesday night (unless I have something at the weekend).

My proviso is, I eat my SW meal first and have my treat as a dessert. Also, I plan what I'm craving, and buy JUST that, which used to be a feat in itself! I was the queen of the evil "multipacks".
Generally I have a packet of buttons or a curly wurly, so im within my syns, but last week i had a chinese as a treat:) I think its okay to do it every so often, but i wouldn't do it every week.

:) xx

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