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Does it get easier?


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I'm on day 10 and although I'm fine in myself I am still having food cravings. Nothing in particular but I just really want food. The boss bought in coffee cake to say thank you for her birthday present and usually I'm not a fan of cakes but I love coffee cake. I just don't want to spend the next 3 months dreaming of food.

Roz x
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Call me Nicky xx
It does get easier, you will be in ketosis now so you are experiencing mind hunger. The weight will be working its way off you but you have to do the mind over matter thing to get the craving out of your head. Imagine that the food has lard smeared all over or something that you really hate. It really does help xx
Hi Roz
I did have a bad time during week 3 - needed to shout at myself "leave the biscuit tin where it is" :eek:
Suspect it was PMT and 4th week was a breeze... Stick with it - You've already done the hard bit.


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I will stick with it but it's going to be a long 3 months. I like the idea of imaginging contaminated food. I'll try to do that next time a craving hits me.

Roz x
rolo my third wekk as was having mirages of all the food i wanted use to dream in detail i actually enjoyed day dreaming ,,,,but my cd told me dont do and as some one said b4 imagin it coverd in a number 2 ( sorry gross i no but it works
I am half way through week3 and it does seem to be getting easier!!
I normally find the weekend more of a challange and find my self cleaning rather alot...lol..

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