Does it matter how weird your meal is?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Ghostie, 15 June 2014.

  1. Ghostie

    Ghostie Well-Known Member

    The reason i love this diet is that i can eat a weird mixture of food that you would probably not put together if you didnt need 1/3 superfree on your plate.. for lunch today i had 3 weight watchers sausages, tin of baked beans and an onion fried in frylight.. weird eh?? but following plan?? lol :p
  2. lentil2

    lentil2 Well-Known Member

    Not weird at all...'fried' onion and sausages go together well!!
    Lovely, hope you enjoyed it!!
  3. I was really wondering what I was going to read when I clicked on this post - larks' tongues? roasted swan? fried liver and banana? lobster and strawberry salad?

    I am so disappointed - sausages, beans and onions???? That's sooooo ordinary!!! :) :)

    Seriously, as long as it is within the plan, and you are enjoying it, then it really doesn't matter. Do what makes you happy!
  4. Reander

    Reander Well-Known Member

    Lol was expecting something really strange but I love sausages with onions and beans! But I do know what you mean, sometimes my food combos ares something I wouldn't have dreamed of eating together beforehand, but yesterday I had baked beans and strawberries for breakfast.
  5. Ghostie

    Ghostie Well-Known Member

    My BF sometimes looks an my meals and cringes lol.. I just say '1/3 of a plate' haha :)..
  6. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Well-Known Member

    Beans onions and sausages sounds pretty standard to me! But there are some really weird combos on this eating plan!
  7. sareypoop

    sareypoop Well-Known Member

    I sometimes have smash, 2 fries eggs and beans. Everyone at work says how strange it is but I love it!
  8. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Well-Known Member

    I had quorn hot dogs and refried beans other day.
  9. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    Love it!!! Sounds like an ideal meal :)
  10. xxavia

    xxavia Member

    I watched a programme today where a woman who'd had a gastric bypass was eating baked beans topped with mushy peas and slices of Turkey. Now that's weird!
  11. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Well-Known Member

    I've heard of mushy peas and beans together by someone
  12. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    And all totally free on our eating plan....

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