Please help me figure out why no weight loss

Hi all, I am fairly new on here but have been lurking for a while, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, forgive me if not, but I wonder if anyone could spare a minute or two to offer advice?

I don't have a huge amount to lose, probably about a stone but at 5'1 that makes quite a difference so I have been following (loosely) SW Extra Easy SP. I should mention that I don't go on the scales as I find this counter productive but I have key items of clothing which I try on once a week and they are not getting one bit looser and in fact I have had to go up a cup size with bras! I can't think what I am doing wrong but I am sure someone can enlighten me. Like I said, I am trying the Extra Easy SP. Generally for healthy extra I have one or two weetabix a day (separately) with almond milk or three ryvita dark with two laughing cow light blue cheese, differing times of the day, not necessarily breakfast. Sometimes a level table spoon linseeds. I have generally substituted tea and coffee with herbal tea, maybe three a day, in which I have half teaspoon honey (syns). If out I have tea with splash of skimmed milk. One capuccino a week (skimmed milk). Lunch is usually a salad with either chicken, tinned salmon, hard boiled egg, ham with tomato, cucumber, raw carrot, celery, tinned sweetcorn, pickled beetroot, small amount reduced fat coleslaw, no dressings. Sometimes a small tin of eat smart baked beans with scrambled egg (no oil). Main meal is grilled meat or fish, various, with vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, swede. A little gravy and sometimes yorkshire pudding (syns). I do my own curry with tinned toms, onion, tom puree (no oil), carrots, cauliflower, courgettes, swede, green lentils, red kidney beans and mixed beans, stock cube, curry powder. Two or three pieces of fruit a day, speed fruits with a small banana every other day. For snacks FF fromage frais with sugar free jelly and danone light and free yogs, no more than two a day. That's about it really. So I have no idea what more I can do really. I am finding this soul destroying, jeans I can't do up, bulging out all over, meanwhile husband is following the old SW red and losing at least one to two kg a day!!!!!! (admittedly he has 5 stone to lose). Grateful thanks to anyone who has time to reply and good luck with weight loss journey to all.
Hey, this must be frustrating for you, and even more annoying when your husband is losing every day.
I do have just a few qs that might help us understand things a bit more.

How long have you been doing this for?

Do you keep a food diary and write down all the syns/speed etc?

Do you own a pair of scales, if so, is it worth weighing yourself once a week like all SW members do, or joining an actual group where you will get lots of support and keep track of where you are going wrong, and your overall losses? Even if it is half a pound a week?
Hi there, thank you so much replying.

Yes, we do have scales and in fact my husband weighs daily and plots it on a graph, but I really don't find it helpful these days as I just get very obsessive and agitated, I find the "tight jeans" method works best for me!

I have belonged to SW in the past - when it was red and green - but didn't find the leader awfully helpful or motivating. I didn't really lose much then either but she made me feel a bit of a nuisance as my desired loss was so small compared to others. She did, however, identify that I was probably eating too much fruit and mullerlight, so this time I am limiting to three pieces of S fruit a day, with a banana every other day, and no more than two danone light and free which I thought would be acceptable.

Apart from a jacket one day with beans, I have not had any rice, pasta or potato, all my food has been either S or P with a few Free foods,eg banana, sweetcorn, and my syns only being the thin gravy, yorkshire puds once or twice and half teaspoon honey three or four times a day. I don't really know what else to try. I don't eat much in the early part of the day and my HXB choices are usually in the evening, sometimes before bed.

I have been doing this for three weeks and don't feel awfully well on it I have to say - rather lacking in energy and today had to come in from gardening as felt a bit shaky. Probably too much info, but very "bunged up" too!!
That's fair enough on the scales, everyone is different and like you say you don't have loads to loose so can be counter productive.

I would however suggest trying a different group as every one is different and you might find the experience a lot more motivating and encouraging. I've been to 2 different ones and one is a lot better than the other.

Sounds like you are eating really well, when I started i was also bunged up and bloated, which is why your jeans might feel tight still. 3 weeks is still quite early on. I started noticing my clothes felt lighter after week 4 and started being more "regular". Also, they say it takes 10lbs to drop a dress size, so it might take a bit longer for you with less to lose than your husband. I'd also suggest maybe some fibre supplements to help your bowel movements, and energy levels.

Looking at what you said you have eaten, you are probably feeling low energy and dizzy due to lack of carbs. When I cut carbs out for a while I also felt that way. My consultant said we should eat plenty of carbs for the first month of SW, and then you can do SP days after week 4. Otherwise it can be bad for your health.

I would stick with it for another couple of weeks, don't be afraid to have wholemeal rice, pasta and potatoes, and if after 2 weeks you still feel the same, perhaps look at some other diets as this one may not be the right one for you.

I hope that helps, I am no expert though haha.
Again, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will try adding some carbs and will stick with it - I need to get on top of things now with Christmas just around the corner. Oh and good luck with your own mission - I see you are getting married in August next year. Exciting times! Have you picked a dress yet?