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Does LL make you grumpy?

I think whilst on abstinence many people feel tireder than ususal and with me tiredness = grumpy! :)

I haven't found this but just wanted to say that it really annoys me when people feel they have to attribute your/my grumpiness to a particular thing! I think everyone is entitled to be grumpy for no particular reason every so often; in fact I think it's quite healthy.

Sometimes I do have to tell my husband to stop asking me what's wrong - I'm just feeling irritable. No it's not my TOTM, I don't feel ill, it's not the diet, I'm not tired, no he hasn't annoyed me, I just feel grumpy!

Anyhow - rant over! hope you're feeling less out of sorts soon.
Anders, susieanna and snorks just wanted to say well done on your fab weightlosses! i'm doing CD, but must admit I was very grumpy and irritable, PMT went mad too! Sorry Snorks but in my case I do put it down to the diet cos apparently VCLD's play havoc with our hormones. I'm now taking evening primrose oil capsules and st john's wort (yuck) and I seem to be a bit better with the old irritability. Mind you, it does make me feel better when people say 'oooo look at you, you look fab!' Hee hee xxx


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My kids have said to me that I hae been grumpy whilst on the diet!! I didnt think so - but hey a wee bit grumpy but looking fab......:D:D
i was evil from about week 3 -13, lol
really snappy and impatient

it was strange as i was actually really happy on the inside to be losing so much weight.

i did feel sorry for my family at times,but they were very tolerant!

i'm lovely again now!

daisy x


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I was lovely right through the diet (at least that's my opinion), I was a little irritable over the last week or so though when fully back in the 'real' World.

Maybe I'm the exception to this rule...
I'm with you Sean, I was fine throughout, but I know my sister had a few black days (no luckily I wasn't on the receiving end - her poor OH was! - sorry sis x)


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I've certainly had my days, but probably more work and tiredness related than the actually LL Prog. Don't think we can escape the odd grumpy day really, it is part of the human condition :)



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I wouldn't say I have been grumpy on LL so far. I have asked my partner and he said at times I have been the happiest he has ever known me!

I sometimes feel tired, like today, but that is due to being out till 0100 at the House of Lords rather than the diet.

Kat xx
I was actually quite the opposite, and more cheerful and upbeat then I had been in a long long loooong time.

My demeanor is very much ruled it would seem by how I look/feel about myself. When I was fat, and always aware of being fat, and hated myself for it, I was a right mare.

But as soon as I started LL and knew I was "saved", my attitude did a 180.

I find even still, if I have a bloated feeling one day, or just feel fuller then usual, I get a bit moody - thats when I know I need to do some damage control.

If that makes sense. :)

Don;t worry if you feel grumpy - ask your family how they would feel in our shoes. It is not an easy diet, and consume an awful lot of our mental energy to stay driven and focused. It is also emotional. We have a right to get moody, if that is how it affects us. It wil pass.

If anything my moods (and PMT) have improved dramatically while being on the diet. I think I had just got to the point where I hated myself so much I was taking it out on everyone else. Since starting the diet I have been a lot calmer and happier :)
I'm with you Sean, I was fine throughout, but I know my sister had a few black days (no luckily I wasn't on the receiving end - her poor OH was! - sorry sis x)
Cheeky mare!!!! ;) Actually, you're right - but it was probably more than just a few black days if we're honest!! Ah well, I'm all sweetness and light again now!! :D


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I asked my hubby about this. He said he thinks I've been much happier. On reflection I'm with Blonde Logic on this, it seems that my mood is highly influenced by how I look and feel about myself.


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Personally, I don't think I've been that bad (except for the first couple of weeks) and have certainly been a lot happier since doing LL. My mood generally has improved and I am certainly a lot more optimistic about the future. Over the last few weeks I had been struggling a bit and that might have made me a bit grumpier than usual. Starting RTM has now doubt helped a lot! (Still lost 3 lbs this week :))


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My OH certainly thinks I've been a lot calmer and less moody with him and the kids.

I definitely agree with BL. Starting LL meant I was actually doing something positive for me - and it is working week after week. I feel positive about the diet and reaching goal and this has had an impact on my moods.

Yes, on days where I am struggling to stay in control I do find I am a bit grumpier. But these are not very often. Yesterday was one though. I was cooking one of my favourite meals - a roast dinner - my mouth watering with the smells and I was not even able to taste whether things had been properly seasoned and one after another the kids came up to ask what was for tea and then say 'I don't want carrots' or 'I don't like chicken' or 'do we have to have that?' Arghhhh. Them's the times I feel VERY Grumpy! Laughing about it today though.

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