does the maintenance programme work?


:) This is only my 4th day on the cambridge diet (ive got 6 stone to lose). Last year I tried LL and lost 2 stone. I never followed the maintenance programme because I gave up the diet. Then you know it ive now put all the weight back on plus a bit more.

The cd appeals to me because of the maintenance programme they show. Im probably going to only do ss for 4 weeks and then go onto one of the other steps for a slower loss and add in some exercise.

I would be really grateful to hear from any of you who have successfully lost weight and managed to keep it off.

Thanks and I look forward to being a member of this forum.

I can't really comment on your question Janey as I'm still 3st+ away from goal but I'm bumping your thread up before it slides off the front page.

I'm sure someone will be along soon who can answer your question :)
Hiya Janey

I finished Cambridge some 7 months ago now and am still at goal weight so it can be done!! I also don't just eat salads but I do eat completely differently than I did before the diet.

For example I am sitting in my office now with sausage rolls, profiteroles, exclairs, dougnuts and custard tarts on my right hand side as it is one of the boys birthdays. The old me would have been attacking it but I won't be eating it! I have set some golden rules and office nibbling is one of the things I now never do for any reason.

Anyway the Cambridge maintenance works well but after you finish it you still have to eat again and then that is where the challenge begins. You can of course use the Cambridge 1500 plan as a basis for weightcare but after all said and done and when we talk about fat/sugar/GI/GL/salads/saturates blah blah blah what it really comes down to is how much petrol (calories) do you need! If you need 1800 a day and eat 2000 you will put on a stone and a half in year. If you need 1800 and eat 2500 calories a day you'll put on 5 stone in a year. Therefore you must must find your Basal rate and aim to average out over a period of days that amount and then you will stay skinny.

Thanks for answering. It is really great to hear from people who have managed to keep the weight off. I have 2 children and a hubby. They do not have a weight problem its just me, so I obviously cook ok at home.

Thanks again for replying.