Doing it for my kids


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I never thought I'd do something like an on-line diary, and I think I'll be pretty bad at keeping it up to date, but I've read so many accounts from other people that have inspired me to do this that is seems ungrateful not to add my story to the pile.

I'll be 38 next month and I need to lost about 6 stone. The main reason I want to do this is for my kids. My BMI is 40 and if I don't do anything I'll be leaving them without a mum a lot sooner than I want to.

My dad died at 62 when I was 28, my FIL died at 52 when DH was 26 (six months after we got married). Both deaths were self inflicted to a certain extent. My dad smoked from the age of 15 and drank too much beer (not an alcoholic though) and DH's dad worked too hard and had a fondness for good food and drink, so we both know what it's like to lose parents partly because of choices they made in their lives. I don't want, no I WON'T do that to my children!!

So, here I am on day 4 of SS. I'm feeling a bit less hungry than I did yesterday, have still got a really mild headache (no ketosis yet then? - really wish I had some ketostix!) and managed to do the family shop in Sainsbury's this morning without collapsing in a heap.

As I read in someone else's thread today - Onwards and downwards!

First WI on Monday.
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Good on you, Anna! Look forward to reading about your progress.


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Wonderful that you are doing it for your kids but YOU are important too! Losing 6 stone will improve the quality of your life and that of your whole family. Best of luck!


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Wonderful that you are doing it for your kids but YOU are important too! Losing 6 stone will improve the quality of your life and that of your whole family. Best of luck!

Totally go with that, I did it for me, yip my kids are important, but I did it for me, and it made all our lives better!!!!!

I generally woke up with a mild headache every few days, it may be lack of water at first, are you managing ok with that?? I used to have another glass and it would go.

You are doing really well, well done on getting to day four, onwards and downwards is so right!


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Hey Anna, well done on getting to day has been said, you need to do this for you! Thank god both my parents are still alive, but I know wat you men about not wanting your kids to go thru wat you went thru....part of the reason I started CD was cos I didnt want to die while my daughter was still young, thru a lifestyle that was self inflicted.

anyway, best of luck with your diet!


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I'm 38 too and this time last year I felt more like 58 and very unhappy and not the mum I wanted to be.

4 and half stones lighter I know feel as fit as I did at 28 now and so much happier, pain free and more confident.

You can be in my position too by the summer. You are so doing the right thing for YOURSELF, your hubbie and the kids.

I wish you all the best and offer any support you need please just ask.

You have made the best decision of your life so far, well it was mine.

Dizzy x


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Hi Anna,

Well done for getting to day four on your weight loss journey. I would think you are in ketosis if you are feeling less hungry.

You may be experiencing a headache due to insufficient fluid intake, change in caffeine intake or carbohydrate withdrawal.

I never normally would get a headache but I have done in the first few days of starting this diet and I have found taking a painkiller for it, either aspirin or paracetamol whatever you would normally take, does break the cycle.

Losing weight and getting fit is the best gift we can do for ourselves and our families.

Good luck with your weigh in on Monday and I look forward to reading your diary.

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks everyone for your support - it's good to have some company! :D

I'm drinking about 3 litres per day. I thought I'd manage more since I'm a water drinker anyway and would usually drink about two litres... but I'm finding it quite hard to get down as much as I am. Can't imagine how some people are managing to drink 6 litres!! :eek:


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Dizzy - Thanks for your post in particular. Made me cry :eek: , but in a good way! :) I could be thin by the summer. Oh good grief. Can't quite believe that at the moment (or imagine what it would look like) but I'm really determined to make this work.

I'll start thinking of the benefits for me:
New clothes from ordinary shops (maybe floaty dresses from Monsoon!)
No longer feeling like I'm taking up too much room in the cramped seats at choir rehearsals.
Erm.. I'm sure I'll come up with some more at some point.

Monday will be a tough day - I've been working at home this week so none of my colleagues know what I'm doing.
I think I'll have my tetra in the car and keep quiet about the whole thing... at least until after the first WI.


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Well done on taking the first major step and good luck on your journey :)


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One week down... do far so good!

First WI last night. Only lost 5lbs. I say only... I couldn't have imagined losing that much in a week before finding CD but now it seems like quite a small number for week 1. However my baseline WI was before Christmas and by my scales I put on 5lb over the festive season, so in my head I'm counting it as a loss of 10lb from my start date on Jan 2nd. :D :D
I've also lost an inch around my waist and my jeans are definitely a bit looser.

So the first week is over with and I'm definitely less hungry. My CD says I should drink more water so I'm trying to get to 4 litres today.... should be possible since I'm already on 2.5.

The weekend was tough. It was my son's fifth birthday yesterday so we took him to McDonalds for a treat. I don't even like chips and burgers very much but boy did they smell nice! We also had some of his friends round this weekend and DH made sausage and mash. I really don't like sausages at all but I could have gladly snatched one from DD's plate. There's loads of birthday cake and treats around but I'm managing to serve them up without having a nibble.

I'm looking forward to getting the bars next week. I think it will be a lot easier to be out and about if I can nibble on something as needed, rather than needing to wait until we get home before eating. (I can't drink the tetra packs on the move - they've got to be diluted or they make me feel sick).

I was worried about what I was going to tell the kids about the diet. I needn't have bothered! Despite sitting down at three mealtimes with them over the weekend, they didn't notice that I wasn't eating!! So, I've got a bit longer to work it out... :)


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Well done on your loss. So basicly you lost all you put on at Xmas + 5lbs? That's terrific. Everyone puts on over Xmas I put on 11lbs so your first week was mega.

When dealing with the MacDonalds and sausages etc I have always found it helpful to feel high and mighty. Look around and think poor people eating this rubbish, I am so much better than that. I feel so sorry for them. Try it! MacDonalds sell water so get a bottle and savour it. As long as your kids don't try and drink it all like mine do.

Well done and keep up the good work!

Dizzy x


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Hi!! Well done on your weight loss and getting this far.
Staying strong through birthdays and trips to macdonalds is a massive achievment so feel really proud of yourself.

I am liking the high and mighty attitude thing - i must try that. :)


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It's my son's birthday party on Sunday and I've just ordered a massive football-pitch themed birthday cake from Costco... The High and mighty is going to get plenty of use this weekend! :D :D
I've got to pick it up after a three hour choir rehearsal when I won't have had any chance to eat (can't wait for week 2 and the bars!) so I'm sure I'll be entertaining myself on the way home with fantasies of sticking my face in it and having feast. :eek: Never mind - at least my jeans won't be cutting into my middle as I'm driving and that's worth more than a quick sugar hit any day!! :D

Just had mint choc - edible but won't be buying it again. :(. Have just ordered some psyllium husks though so am looking forward to porridge soon! :) :)

Another half a pound to go and I'll break into a whole new number of stones on the scale. Yay! (Can't resist weighing myself every day. I even have a spreadsheet with a graph. Sad or what! :eek: )


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Well done Anna. I am also not only losing weight for myself but also for my children too.....I am fed up sitting in the spectators section of the swimming pool while they are all having fun....then we went to butlins in aug last yr....whilst they were all having fun on the rides I was left sitting on the bench watching them have I am going to be the 1 having fun next time


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Good luck with the half pound! Yah
I'm like you with the weighing everyday and writing it down in various versions. Stone and pounds/ pounds only, pounds now lost, pounds to go, BMI. When I was SSing I also used to test for Ketosis each day and mark the day on the calendar with a K for Ketsosis. Need I go on.... ? Some people it drives made but me it just fascinates me and is great motivation.

As for the birthday cake they definitely look better than they taste. I also say to myself and others when they try to get me to eat something "It's OK I know exactly what it tastes like!" It gives me confidence to leave it alone and also reminds me that it is so true why do I need to taste it? I also think about a TV show I saw about Trans fats, did you see that? It was disgusting and scarey enough to put you off all processed cakes and biscuits etc for good. Well.. for a while anyway and everytime I remember the show again.

Hope the party goes well.

Dizzy x


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Good for you Sonkie!

Thin and ordinary (instead of fat and conspicuous) in a cossie - here we come!! :D :D

I still won't be willingly going on the water slides though - they scare the cr*p out of me. :eek: Although maybe when I'm thinner I'll go more slowly...? (Less momentum) :confused:

It will also be really nice to go down the slides (hate these too but they're not as bad) at the indoor play areas with the kids without getting stuck half-way down. :eek: :eek:

Blimey - the things you have to do when you have kids. They never mentioned any of this at anti-natal! ;)