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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Dutch, 26 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

    Hi all, just thought I'd have a share.

    Since I've started the 1000 plan I've felt my energy levels go through the roof again (had a really bad sluggish time on the 790, felt so so weak) so went in the garage and dug out the rosemary con dvd, I chose her rather than Nell McAndrew as I haven't done anything much since having Jacob in 2005 and know good old rosie takes it easy.

    I'm amazed about how much easier it is, I kind of knew it would be but all the movements are easier, I didn't hardly break a sweat and was breathless but could still sing along to the music.

    Where I really noticed the difference was the push ups, (could do them) and the stretch and cool down as I can reach, stretch and bend like never ever before, it just shows what a hinderance 9 stone + is wrapped round your limbs.

    Keep going everyone this is fantastic.

    On the down side, all that stretching and general leaping about has made my windypops go mad and because I'm on 'food' now they smell like nasty spelly things that have been dead a while, dh asked Jacob if he needed clean pants earlier, I was sooooo :ashamed0005:

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    Gud On Ya Keep Up The Gud Work,that Is An Amazin Weight Loss,really Look Up 2 People Like U,if I Can U Half As Well As U I Will B Flyin.xxxx

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