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Remember Me???

Hi everyone, I've not been on here for ages. :D:D:D:D:D:D

I hit target back in April and at my last weigh in was nine pounds over, long story involving body fat ratio and lack of periods but they came back. Stayed same size though hee hee

I've just enjoyed my first ever 'slim' holiday. It was fantastic, I went for a run every morning, beautiful nobody about just ducks swans and the occasional dog walker. I was in the soft play with my son bounding about not worrying about fitting through gaps etc, I went on all the water slides without thinking they'd break honestly the best feeling ever.

My diet has changed radically, I've been reading lots on nutrition and now I don't count calories I don't eat any meat except prawns fish, zero dairy, nothing white (bread pasta etc) and nothing full of sugar. I feast on nuts seeds, rye bread salads fruit and vegetables, I've never felt better and my asthma has disappeared and bunged up nose since giving up dairy.

I now run or do my Nell McAndrew dvd's at least five times a week and my bod looks fab (except the bit of tum sag and inner thighs and serious flaps of skin which used to be my boobs) but saying that I don't wander round in a bikini so in my clothes I feel great (still size 8/10)

Anyone just starting out, or in the middle of this diet keep it up, I can't put into words the way it changes your life, I'm so happy and nobody ever shouts rudeness at me in the street ever never, I wear sportswear and feel proud in it hee hee

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it's great to see you again dutch!! it was your photos that inspired me so much at the beginning of all this.

so happy to hear that you are happy and still looking great!!

abz xx
What a lovely post, aimed at us newbies. Its nice to see how well you did. I really wish you well. It sounds as though you are on top of it and really enjoying yourself.
Lynne x
brilliant post - thank you so much for that inspiration! You've done amazingly and it really does help people like me that are at the beginning of their journey! x
What a great post Dutch - well done on keeping it off and totally changing your life around - what an inspiration to those of us still on the road to goal and hopeful of keeping it off this time! Thanks for sharing.
wow you are brill and you look fanastic,if i look half as good as you at the end of this ss lark i will be one happy soola,thanks for the pics they mean a whole lot more to me to see success than read about it,in 3 month i hope i can post my before and aft to inspire others like you thanks i am going to bed happy thinking of the thin me to come now i know it is possible.
great to see you again !

you look amazing - WELL DONE :D:D

Debz x
Thank you for posting, you are such an inspiration and you look fab x
WOW you look so amazing! I'm just starting out my cd journey - day 2 - and really hope I can be as successful as you, you really are an inspiration! Totally know what you mean about fearing you will break something if you sit or stand on it, can't wait to not feel horrible like that. Congrats to you!
Thats fantastic, well done!

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