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  1. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    Hi everyone :)

    Ok i've been doing Lighter Life since end of May this year and have lost about 48lbs on it. I've still got about another 2 - 2.5 stone to go but since August I've really struggled on LL and have cheated most weeks meaning I've lost nothing (it's been on/off/on/off so I'm pretty much same weight as I was in August).

    I'm now thinking that I need to get food back into my life but I still want to lose the weight too.

    Can you tell me has anyone done WW after a diet like Cambridge/Lighter you put weight back on because you've started eating again? I'm in a panic about putting weight back on that I've already lost...I want to keep losing, not have even more to lose!!!???

    Thanks everyone :confused:
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  3. Starlight

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    Hi there

    A few people have moved to WW after a VLCD. IF they did gain anything it was only a small amount on the first week while their body readjusted.

    WW is a great option, Im sure youd love it if you changed over :)
  4. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    Thanks for this Starlight.

    I'm just really anxious because on the few occasions where I've 'cheated' on Lighter Life, eating just one meal puts on like 4-5lbs!! So I thought oh god if I eat for a whole week on WW then I'll be up a stone in no time!
    It's really putting me off because I'm terrified to start eating again...I don't know where I stand with eating carbs now after a VLCD because I know nothing is banned on WW as long as you stick within points you can use them however you wish..but after being on LL I don't know if that's still the same.

    The thought of stepping on the scales after a week and being much heavier when am trying to diet is a real worry!! :sigh:

    I know the losses are going to drop too (won't be any 3-4lbs a week!!) so I know that'll knock my confidence a bit but atleast I'm eating...if I can lose 1.5-2lbs a week I'll be happy. Do losses get much lower than that as an average??

    Thanks for your help...AGAIN!! :eek:
  5. Opeyx

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    im worrieed about what ill do after cambridge, a few of the threads ive read alot of the people put on 1-5lbs in the fisrt week some dont change, it depends on your body and how you take to eating again, and remember your glycogen? store needs to rebuild and some weight if any that you regain will be water not actual fat so dont dispair and have you thought about working your way though the lighter life maintance im not familiar with it but i think its called re-feed try that before changing to weight watchers x good luck
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    Theyre usually about that... IF you stick to it, having said that I only lost 1lb this week but then it was TOTM so thats not too surprising
  7. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    Thanks again Starlight and Opeyx.

    I don't want to do Lighter Life Route To Management because that doesn't really make you lose weight - they say that the weight you start at and the weight you finish at with RTM should be the same.
    I've just left LL Development (phase where you carry on with abstinence because you're not at weight you want to be) and I just find that I've gone too long on this diet and I need to lose more weight but eat WW seems a good way to do it. I just don't want to pile on weight first because I've done LL and have changed to really worried about what scales will say when I start WW!!!
  8. LucyLou

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    hi there,

    Ive just come off cambridge and put on 2 lbs initially. I was watching very carefully but then I went a bit bananas and put on another 2. Im fairly stable now tho and this is my first week on ww
  9. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    That's not bad tho' Laney..I think I'll be more than that as I finished LL at the weekend and don't start WW til NEXT Tuesday and I've been being quite bad in my 'week off' plus it's my birthday on Saturday so having a party...atleast come Wednesday morning once I've started WW I'll be taking it seriously but it's amazing how much damage it can do being bad for a week after coming off LL/Cambridge!!!
  10. nixx

    nixx Full Member

    When you come off a VLCD and go back to eating real food again, the way to avoid that initial gain is to refeed properly. I did it after Lipotrim. I did their refeed menu for 2 weeks, gradually reintroducing different food groups, especially carbs. I didn't put any weight on, in fact lost around 4lbs over around 4 weeks. I'm now doing WW not even thinking about whether I'm eating a carb, a protein etc. I'm happily maintaining at the weight I want to be, with the odd pound slipping away. If I lose 4 or 5 lbs before Christmas I'll be chuffed because I can get away with putting a few on then!
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