donna's weight loss diary


well start of my weight loss diary and i find this really hard to do you would think writing this down where no one knows me would be easy but its really hard but anyway my name is donna and i weigh 17 stones and 1 1/2 lbsi have nearly always been chubby and have battled my weight all my adult lifei have lost weight with weight watchers , slimming world ,slimmers , cabbage soup , xencol , mad pills , slimfast. and they all worked i have lost stones and i have put on stones so here i am again desperate to loose weightand on friday the 15th i started cambridge diet as i feel if i dont eat i wont eat and at the momment it seems to be working so with that i will stop today xxx donna
Hi Donna, I'm so glad you found CD as it is working for so many people on here :D

I hope in the time that you are doing CD you manage to work through a few of your issues that led you putting on the weight and then having difficulty losing it. If you can do that, not only will it making sticking to the diet easier but you will also have the best chance of keeping the weight off.

This forum is great because so many of use regularly post when we are trying to work out what is going on in our heads.

If you ever feel you are going for a difficult time then post about it because you will get so many practical tips and good wishes it will help you through.

Apart from that we love sharing in successes too :D