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Don't believe it, llc has emailed me today.


Well guess what.........................llc emailed me today with a start date, 21st November................hooray!:party0049: at last.
Oh blumming eck :eek: only started LT yesterday suppose I ought to come clean with her. LL is the one I really want to do so I'd better tell her .............gulp!!
Anyway I'm so excited:bliss:, I finally get to join you all.
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I'm so pleased for you :) you ready to stick to abstinence over christmas then hehe,

Emma xXx

Excellent news -- I'm sure she won't mind that you have already been on Lipotrim and making progress on your own -- I'm sure she will see this as a huge indication of your commitment to losing weight !!

Hope it goes well for you on the LL plan.

best wishes,
Thanks guys, what would I do without you.
I am so ready to do this and I will abstain over Xmas, why ruin it for one day!!
Do you think I should stay on LT till I get my LL packs? because my weightloss will be smaller in the first week! and I won't tell her about LT (cowardly I know) Please I need advice!
So glad you have a start date. I will be abstaining for christmas too, it really wont be that bad! Ive got lots planned to keep me busy.

Im not sure what to advice about LT and giving up before LL, If you dont tell her she will prob wonder why your 1st loss isnt that big, also maybe the change over from packs might mean you stay the same. mmmm Im not sure do what you feel is best!
Whilst its a shame you won't get that big initial weigh in, and you won't have your real start weight on your LL card, personally I would continue with Lipotrim if you've already started. Why slow down your weight loss and go through the first five days thing again just for your counsellor? You could always say you cut down significantly on carbs in anticipation of starting, which wouldn't be a lie...

If you haven't already started, thats different.

What would you advise a friend in the same situation to do?
I'm going to finish this weeks LT and then low carb for 4 days then start LL. Theres no point buying a weeks LT and 4 days later pay for LL (£102 with both)

It's the only thing that has ever worked for me. The counselling/cbt/ta is worth every penny.
Good luck.:grouphugg:
Thanks Slenda, LL is the one I wanted to do because of the cbt and the other people you meet in the same boat.
You've done amazingly well. How long has it taken you as I have about the same to lose? I had a look at your pics and your a different person you must be so proud of yourself.
Thanks Mandy

I started mid Feb 2008 so I've lost 10stone 10lbs in 9 months.
Hurrah xxx:thankyou::girlpower:
Mandy - try and stay in ketosis for the four days off LT and it will quite hard to get back into ketosis I imagine? Good luck with it all.

Slenda - amazing amazing achievement - well done!
Thanks ladies

It has been such fun going down the sizes, roughly a size a month.
I started off losing weight because of my health. The clothes bit has been a bonus. I had managed to forget how great it is to be able to buy clothes I like rather than just grabbing something that covers me up and fits- usually black!
I could easily be in danger of swapping my food addiction to a clothes addiction!
I've had lots of bargains from charity shops because of changing size so rapidly. Also our LLC has a room where people bring clothes as they go down the sizes so that others can take them and bring them back for the next group.It works well and we have fun with dressing up sessions.She also arranged and paid for a professional photographer to take our pictures recently. Hence my new "arty" avatar.It was great fun.
Enjoy the experience.It will change your lives.:party0038::happy036::party0038:
Great that you have got a start date Mandy. Christmas will be ok- there is already some good advice and handy hints on this forum and we can all get through it together. Hey it is only one day. I can convince myself but convincing my mum will be different ( thinks i'm 14 not 44 :( )
Thanks everyone

I'm doing really well on LT so LL should be ok for me. Got weighed today and my scales show a 3lb loss so far.(not bad for 2 days) Do struggle to get the water down, it makes me feel bloated but I'm to the toilet every 20 mins or so.
Used my ketone stix and it says I'm in ketosis already :D (third colour along quite dark pink);)
21st Nov can't come quick enough, I'm eager to meet the other members and get started on LL :bliss:
Hi Mandy I got a dull headache for a few days and some nausea although that was on LL no idea of the side effects on LT, anyway just take paracetamol and you'll be fine :). You're doing great :).

Emma xXx

I think the calorie intake each day is about the same so I would have thought the side effects are probably similar. Well it's definately an insite for the 21st Nov, I'll know what to expect ;)
How are you doing now apart from the yuckie toffee bars lol!

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