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Dont know if im doing it right???

Hello everyone, I wanted your opinion on my first days feast, whether im doing it right or not???

B- never eat breakfast

L- 2 scrambled eggs with half a 75g onion, cannye pepper and blackpepper, pinch of cheddar cheese
---3 to 4g---

D- Fried lamb with seasoning and onions.
2 cups of spinach and philadelphia light cheese 60g.

Its a guessing game for me really when it comes to the carbs. Estimated total of 15ish...

I was so thirsty so i couldnt resist having some of my hubbys diet coke... didnt have anything else delicious enough apart from Goverment juice and Tropicana. Probably go shopping 2moro if i get time, what fizzy goodness:rolleyes: do you all drink while on Induction???
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You need more vegetables, 15g carbs per day should come from veggies particularly green leafy veg.

You should eat breakfast. This gets your metabolism going for the day. Atkins is about eating rather than avoiding food. The right food makes the difference!

Check the sticky at the top of the page about starting Atkins. Buy one of the Atkins books - can be found cheap on eBay or Amazon. Dr Atkins New Dieting Revolution. Go to the Atkins Community site, they have lessons and information on each of the four phases of Atkins. Wonderful recipes too from posters on the forum.

Now enjoy lovely, tasty, nourishing food as you lose that extra weight!
I'd swap scallions for the onions, as onions are pretty high carb for induction.

and Girly said the rest really. :)


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Be careful on the amount of cheese. I think the days total is 3-4oz!
During Induction even small amounts of carbs can make a difference. Read labels very carefully. If in doubt, don't eat or drink it!

Yes, watch out for cheese and cream. Total amount allowed is 4 oz per day. Not 4 oz of each! I find I can't even eat that much but you may not have a problem with cheese.

Don't slather on cream (lol) because it does have carbs and is very high in calories, too. Make sure you eat enough fats, they are vital to Atkins. Don't eat low-fat products, they usually contain extra sugar to make up for the reduction in fat.

Soon eating the Atkins way will become second nature.
Hiya thanks for the replys, Im just about surviving on meat, eggs and cheese at the mo, aint prepared for the diet at all!! I need to do so serious atkins friendly shopping asap aint had any time have an exam on wednesday:(. I cant even enjoy my birthday 2moro cos of it!!

I am avoiding fruit drinks and too much cheese. I had practically the same today just swapped the lamb for chicken..

Any ideas on shopping list...

What items cant you go without while on atkins???

so far i have....

double cream??:confused:
meat of all sorts
spinach, broccoli and Peas (only vegs i like/know from da atkins acceptable foods:p)
scallions (thanks jim- still dont know what it is but hoping its part of the onion family)
linseed (dont know if im allowed it on induction??)
----last but not least---
:DCoke Zero & Water:D...hummm fizzz

As u can see very bland!!

Any Ideas will be Fab!!!
Happy Birthday Stoshy. Scallions, you might know them as spring onions love. If you look at my "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" thread, I give a list of good veggies and meat, I'd cut and paste it and use it to form your shopping list. :)
oh and linseed, flaxmeal etc is good.
Bless you Jim, thanks alot gona do wat you said right away.