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two things,1) hey im new! & 2) i need help please!

hi im lindsay *waves*
i started what i thought was atkins a few weeks ago, i was doing it wrong, so bought the book and studied it. i am now in my second week of induction and i havent lost anything, pounds or inches a typical menu :-
Breakfast - Mushroom omlette (50g of mushrooms, 2 eggs)) decaff coffee with one teaspoon single cream, Lunch - Tuna salad consisting of can of tuna, 30g lettuce, 10g white onion and a hard bolied egg, Dinner - 2 medium sized grilled chicken breasts, 3 small florets of broccolli and another 50g of mushrooms (i do love mushrooms) Snacks - i usually nibble on a bit of full fat chedder cheese (about 60g in total) i drink between 4 and 5 pints of water a day. i also swim 3 times a week and walk for half an hour at least everyday. im not sure what i am doing wrong, i also thought that this diet wasnt low fat but i see people trying to keep the fat count down? im a little confused. another thing in the book it says mayonaisse is ok to have, but doesnt specify brand and heinz has sugar in it is that ok to eat? and what about bisto gravy granules?
sorry for all the questions, i just want to really get this right! i would appreciate any help! thanks
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Hi and welcome. Great to have you with us.
It does rather look as if you aren't getting enough fat. Try using more butter and olive oil etc.
The mayo is fine, most of us use it. I now make my own so that I get the proper fats in it but that's just me being a silly purist! Lol.
Have a really good read of the stickies here, especially Jim's "So you are thinking of starting Atkins". They really do clear up some points.
Please stay with us, read our diaries and post often so that you get to know us all. :)


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Watch the onion- substitute spring onions instead! I realise that my downfall was eating too many veggies!


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Hello and welcome. If you post your food diary daily we can help keep an eye on it for you

Good luck;)


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holly040787 said:
does anyone know what the weight losses are like on atkins? im on CD at moment
See my stats! I eat loads, eat out regularly, drink but stay legal on food. Everyone is different but with atkins you change your way of eating - it's a long term solution


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holly040787 said:
ye i see tham but dont understand KG in weight haha lol
Lol. 1kg = 2.2 lb
hmm so weight loss is ok then, but am i silyl goin from CD to atkins if weight loss is better on CD and i wanted to lose 5 stone more by xmas is that pissible on atkins? im 270 pounds by way


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Sorry - no idea as everyone is different! Atkins lets you eat plenty of real food and lose weight but not necessarily the fastest - focus is on slowing down and learning how to eat for rest of life. For example in 2 pounds more, i am planning to move on to next stages and slowly lose some more. It took me 7 years to put on - ive spent 7 months taking it off but now want to focus on being healthy for life. That's the critical part to make this all worthwhile!
ye ur right and cambridge is fast weight loss and making me develop bad eating habits like i have been so hungry ate summet bad and forced myself to be sick i mean erm thats so bad, i feel like ok ye im looseing but im starveing i just want some proper meat lol and atkins u can have meat....i just wanna lose 5 stone b4 xmas tho soo im like what to do what to do lol xx

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