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Dont know if to change wi


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Hi all

Im starting back after a few funny weeks (health wise and birthday's) and i know i have put on roughly 3-7lbs, and weigh in is on wednesday and i dont know if to leave it till then but i cheat on weekends thinking i have more time to get rid of it and in fact it would probably be sts results, and was wondering if to change to a monday but at a different class and there is one at 10.45 and dont know if to go there. I was thinking if i go then no more cheating at weekend and its like start of week to.

What would you do??

Also if late weigh in i tend to have a big supper (chip shop) and more rubbish at night after weigh in.

cheers xx
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hey chick. I purposely made my WI on Monday morning - that way it stops me pigging out over the weekend. Monday is also my treat day - I have whatever I want and dont point it, and so long as I dont go crazy, it doesnt do any damage (so far anyway lol) It gives me something to look forward to and focus on over the weekend xx


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You can always give it a go! :D I was a Monday gal but now im a Thursday gal! Only changed because the stand in leader was so good i followed her back ot her original class :D


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Whatever works for you. I love a Monday weigh in myself cos either great start to the week, or just the reminder I need to track everything.


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It will probably be best to either have it on a monday or friday, depends if you like to treat of a weekend, if so friday may be best cause then you can WI and have the weekend to treat then have mon-thurs to get back on track kind of thing :)


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Evening all

Well i did join a new class last monday in the morning so i was happy, and with weekend just nearly over with i havent picked extra's (within points) and have eaten healthy, well when i say eaten i might not of eaten all points this week as been ill with torn bicep on original hurt arm so all is not good, couldnt drive cook etc etc as well as not doing much from minor op 2 weeks ago, but plodding on and hopefully tomoz i will lose woop woop go me