Don't know if you would be interested but....

Don't know if you would be interested BUT

I've joined a group called 'Food Philosophy' which is a life coacjing/NLP course that teaches you NOT that you have to use willpower to stop over eating but actually makes you go off the idea completely as you can see why you were over eating in the first place.

I lost 5 pounds in the first 5 weeks and then threw the scales away as I couldn't be bothered any more!

If you're interested, there's probably going to be some publicity soon. But the website is:

and there's a story about it on my own website (I have no financial connection, promise) which is:

I want to tell as many people as I can because it's stopped me bingeing and compulsive eating after 20 years of it!
Yes, we are well aware of this site as the owner of the site is a member here in MiniMins:D

I am so delighted that you have found something that has worked for you, this is what it is all about finding your own solution to the problem.
Oooh Hampster!

Now I know who you are lol

How you doing?
Oooh Hampster!

Now I know who you are lol

How you doing?

Hello Geri,
I'm fine ta. How are you? I hated my old name in DH so I took this one on. Much more 'me'.

I remember you got some sponsorship money for your daughter's school through a woman I said was OK. When you asked me about it I remembered only vaguely but then it all came back to me and now I understand.

Ha ha! I think I'm going senile.

I hope you're well and happy.

I've been on the old DH board and I just can't get used to it and it's much nicer on here. DH feels a bit like when my parents moved out of the house I grew up in and into a new one that wasn't really my home - if you know what I mean. :rolleyes:

I'll shut up now. It's time for bed.
Night night.