3 stone 3 months, can it be done?!

Really pushed myself fitness wise yesterday, a 5km walk with the dog, 45 minutes step aerobics, 20 minutes kettle bells and another 6km walk in the evening. Finished the day on 21,000 steps which is a lot for me! Was feeling it though and my knee was playing up by the end so think I'll have more of a rest day today.
Nsv, finally fit into a pair of trousers I bought nearly 5 years ago - when I reached my goal weight. I'd bought them a couple of months after, and by then I didn't fit into them as had put a bit on but they fit now :) think the exercise is helping with the shape of things.

Love shopping in my own wardrobe!
Feeling a bit eurgh today. Totm showed up yesterday, which also accounts for the week's lower weight loss I guess. If I only had online clients today I would totally put a pair of jogging bottoms and comfy slippers under a slightly smart but still comfortable top - but as some are face to face, proper waistlines and shoes it is :(
Still managed to get up and do a step workout this morning - I do really enjoy them, and I just wasn't feeling able for a weights workout.
More things are going in the diary for nights out, trips away etc - and I think these will help keep me on track for the rest of the summer - I want to look good in the photos! One particularly is a night out with a couple of old school friends. One of whom has always been naturally slim and athletic. Do we ever grow out of comparing ourselves to others?! Don't get me wrong, they are both adorable and wouldn't care if I showed up 20 stone heavier than I am now, but I hate feeling jealous.
Waiting on quite a few parcels from Vinted. Evri seem to have a special corner where they chuck them for about a month and then refind them. One thing has been "in transit" for about a week and a half now - wondering if the courier is on foot.....
God, feeling really bleurgh yesterday and today. Moody and irritable and such like. Interestingly I'm not reaching for food to try and change this as I know it would make it worse, so that's good I guess.
Did a 15 min kettlebell workout with a heavier weight today as I promised myself when I could do the 22 minute one all the way through without stopping with my 8kg then I'd have to up it. Thought my heavier weight was 11kg but it's actually 12kg and I can really notice the difference. Have to take it quite slowly as I can see myself really throwing my back out if my form is rubbish.
I did injure my back once doing kettlebells, and I kept waiting for it to get better, and it didn't so eventually I took myself to an osteopath (chiropractor? Back person anyway) and they diagnosed a dislocated rib and fixed it in one session. Felt like a right idiot for staying in pain for about 4 months! Who knew you could dislocate ribs?!? anyway, all that to say, need to take it steady.
Didn't do my hour walk yesterday as just so tired, but will try to do it today. Focused on getting a good weigh in this weekend so trying not to eff it up.
Ouch, don't push yourself too far with the kettlebell 8 to 12kg is a really big step up.
Weigh in on Sunday and only a pound lost, which I was actually pretty disappointed about as I had expected at least 2 or 3. So I had an eating day. But I didn't really enjoy it much. Also felt pretty ill most of Monday and didn't eat til about 4pm. Carb hangovers are the worst!
Straight Back on it from Monday and am really enjoying the exercising, even in this heat. Had a beautiful blazer arrive from Vinted, which unlike a lot of the stuff that turns up, actually fits and suits me. But it's not exactly tweed.blazer weather so will hang it in wardrobe and fish it out this Autumn :)

I'm still.planning to switch to low carb omad after 12 weeks of this, and having completed 8 weeks now that feels about right.
I've bought some bars from the new you plan as Exante can't seem to keep any in stock, but they're not as nice or as filling as the Exante ones. I won't buy any more.food now though, I think I've got enough to see me through 4 more weeks even if it means eating the flavours I don't like.
So, keeping on even though I didn't get the loss I really felt I deserved! Robbed 😭😭😭!
I thought that was very funny but also very poignant, no one judges a skinny person eating a massive ice cream but they will judge a fat person doing so.
I'm definitely the heart/diabetes/joint pain now but also I like clothes and have a funky style. I want to be able to walk into a chain store and know that I will easily get something to fit, to order online without it having to be a plus size range and to get a regular pair of jeans.
Oh, I totally understand you! I hate those judgmental looks and stereotypes too! I am not thin, but I know how to dress tastefully and I have a lot of friends. And by the way, about joints: I can recommend Steplex cream. It worked for me, my joints don't hurt. And I don't give a damn about the extra weight!