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Original dont know what to do lol


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Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me out? I joined slimming world a year ago i stopped about 5 months ago, I lost over a stone in that time, anyway I had all these weddings/partys etc to go to had to many off days and the weight loss stopped :( anyway i had abit of stress (family probs) and it made me lose half a stone.. which was nice i guess lol, so no more stress the weight is creeping back on.. christmas didnt help lol! so now im back to the weight where i left off at SW, i know its not a bad thing, anyway what i'm trying to say is do you think i will lose weight still on SW? im 5ft5 and 10stone i would like to lose a stone thats where i feel happiest and got loads of energy, i am going to start an exercise dvd this week which should help, i'd just like to know your thoughts.... i hope this all makes sense!! i just think because of all the free foods you get to have on SW would slow my weight loss down?? also it encourages me to eat at night and i think that slows my weight down... im still confused lol help! should i or shouldnt i do SW?

Many thx. Vick. :confused:
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Okay, free foods won't slow your weight loss down, you eat until you are satisfied and that's it!
Also, why does SW encourage you to eat at night? SW allows you to eat at night, it does not encourage you! There's nothing wrong with eating at night.

You're asking on an SW forum whether you should do SW, of course we are going to say yes!

I know we are all different but you are an inch taller than me and weigh the same as me and I set 10stone as my target weight. I'd like another half a stone off but couldn't imagine being a stone lighter.

Anyway, if your body is meant to be 9 stone then you will lose weight but I wouldn't have thought it would drop off quickly.


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I'm sure I read somewhere in the past couple of months that the time of day that you eat bears no relation to weight loss/gain so therefore the evening thing shouldn't matter. If that's the time you feel hungry then plan a meal or snack for that time so you still feel in control xx


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Ok I am 5 foot 3 ins and at my target was 9 stone 7lb - the last half a stone for me took weeks, it will come off and eating free food will not slow it down as long as you make sure you are eating the right stuff - for my last half a stone I did though try to make sure that the free food I ate was actually speed/superfree food though - hope this helps.