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Dont know why....


Getting there!!!
hey everone,i was meant to start the shakes last week but i didnt,i keep putting it off :( i get through the whole day fine and as soon as i get home i eat dinner!!!! i cant understand why...i think i need some inspiration and directions,how did you all decide to start and what have you lost so far,i cant see the bigger picture here,i think ive lost all hope that i can lose weight now that my mind isnt and cant fully commit :cry:
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I've yo yo'd for years but always told myself that as long as I don't get higher than a 16 it's ok. Have been wearing 16s for months that are far too tight and gave in an ordered a size 18 dress for my Xmas party thinking it was more important that it looked nice. It was too small an it was the last straw
Have lost 15lbs in 2 weeks

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Don't be so hard on yourself T, LT is the TOUGHEST diet there is and you have to be in the right set of mind for this to work. I decided to go on LT when my scales showed I weighed 98kg (216lbs) and I didn't want to go into the 3-digit weight. I started on 3 Janury 2011 and lost 59lbs in 14 weeks. Came off as my pharmacist said I had to cos I reached bmi 25 (which I later this year found out was not right as you can stay on as long as you are in the "green zone" with your bmi) so went back on 4 weeks ago to lose the stone I gained this year and to get right of the last 1.5st I still wanted to lose. I've lost 1lb shy from 2st in 26 days so I'm nearly there.

You have to decide for yourself when you've had enough and want to do something about it but my advise, wait until the new year before you start. Whatever you decide, good luck x


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Its a case of when you`ve absolutely had enough, and you get into that mind set. If your head isnt with you then you can sabotage yourself sooo much. BUT it really IS a very hard diet, so like Mirjam says please dont be so hard on yourself. Its excellent that your trying hun, your here on this forum, your doing it aren`t you!! Don`t give up trying, we are all here in the same boat at times and we are all to support you.
Hope you have a better day hun. Love to you Lou xxx


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Keep at it!!! You only truely fail when u give up trying!! You'll get there when the time is right for you!!! : ) x


Getting there!!!
thanks so much ladies,i have a christening this weekend,a christmas party next weekend and christmas the week after so come new year the 2nd jan im getting stuck in!! until then ill low carb like i did last week and lose about a stone more and defo will be joining you all then! :) thanks again girls xxx


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Glad you`ve reached a decision thats making you happy, thats whats most important.... tc babes xxx


Getting there!!!
thanks loulou,i really want to start them seeing all the loss on here,but whats 3 more weeks,i just know ill waste my time and money with all these weekends,i need a clear run at it for at least 21 days to make a habit hun so im happy enough to wait :) ill be on here every now and then to see how you are all doing,keep up the fab work girls xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I think you are right waiting till after the hols to start TFR. You would need huge resolve to try it before the new year. Low carb in the meantime is a good idea.
Enjoy all your outings and then get serious come January!!


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Yeah agree with what's been said Hun, start after the new year. I started because the exercise and healthy eating was only losin 1lb a week and I was getting disheartened so thought id start LT I was 22st now in the 14's. So we're all here for support after the new year x