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dont mean to sound thick but....

i put on my weight loss thread that i have lost 3lbs this week, last week i was 64.15kg this week i am 62.75kg

now according to my chemist i was ten stone 1 pound last week now she says i am nine stone eleven lbs BUT according to my calculations on a calculator and also a weight converter on the internet 62.75kg is nine stone nine??:confused: :confused: can somebody tell my empty head if i am working it out right? surely the internet weight converter isnt wrong aswell?

if i am right then i have gone from being ten stone one to nine stone 9 in 6 days which would make up for the 2lb loss last week which i am putting down to sparkling water
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the chemist is right, there are 14 pounds to a stone, so when you get 9.85 or what ever it was, the .85 does not = pounds. it represents fractions of a stone (as in fractions of tens) but a stone has 14 pounds.


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I might be thick,I get the same as you via a conversion chart Nicki,will check it again though x


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Ms.Blonde,me thinks youre right otherwise my WI's are all wrong.The chemist goes by the chart on the wall which I always check.


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Well to me 14lbs x 10 = 140lbs (so if your 138.34lbs your 1.66lbs under 10 stone which to me is 9st 12lb 5oz


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lol i am so confused, i converted 62.75 kgs to pounds it says it is 138.34 lbs then divided that by 14 it gives me 9.8 as an answer grrrrrr i need to go back to school
9 x 14 (14 pounds in one stone, 9 of them) = 126lb

138.34lb - 126lb = 12.34lbs

you weigh 9 stone 12lbs.

your start weight was 17stone 13lbs

remember decimals work in tens, stones work in 14's that is where the confusion lies.


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:Dhehe beat ya to it....:D


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Maths was always my weakest point by a mile. I read all of this thread and finished it with one of those Zig-Zag mouths like you see in the cartoons! (and eyes like kreemy whirls) :eek: Lol xx


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Maths was always my weakest point by a mile. I read all of this thread and finished it with one of those Zig-Zag mouths like you see in the cartoons! (and eyes like kreemy whirls) :eek: Lol xx
hahahahah! I take the easy way out, I just stick to kg!!


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I did the same last week!!

Again, maths was never one of my strong points and always left it to Miss Brite to do my calculations. Unfortunately last week there wasn't enough time before work so did it myself at home using the conversion thingys online- and got completely confused! Nice one MsBlonde for putting the calculation up....... I will try not to get confused next Monday...... although no promises!
The way I have always worked it would translate like this:
2.205lb to 1Kg.
62.75Kg = 138.4lb.
9st x 14lb = 126lb.
138.4 - 126 = 12.4lb
so, 62.75Kg = 9st 12.4lb

The online converters seem to only calculate in 1/10th rather than 1/14 for a pound. So when saying 9.9st, what it means is .9 of a stone, rather than 9lbs. 0.9 of a stone is 12.6lb.
Don't worry Nicki, it is a very common mistake. My pharmacist does it all the time! She would have said you were 9 stone 8lb too!!!! I always get weighed in kg so I take no notice of what she says and go home and put it on a spreadsheet on my laptop (I am sooooooo sad!) as it is set up to convert it for me.

You have still done brilliantly. Well done.



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why don't they just weigh you in good old St's & Lbs to begin with...!?
Are you happy with the way you look? That is the important thing. My target is 9 stone 12lb but I know I may change my mind nearer the time. Not sure what weight will suit me but I don't want to stop till I've seen for myself if that weight will suit me.

I am sure you won't go too far. but you don't want to think "what if?" It is your body and you have to live with it 24 7 so you stop when you are ready.

Good luck hun.


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