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Don't no if can continue

Just on day 5 and the last 3 days have been hell i have felt really weak and nearly passed out yesterday!! i have been drinking loads of water. i don't no if i can keep this up as i have a very active 2 year old to look after and can barely lift him i feel that weak.

Has anyone else every felt like this? I haven't been able to sleep at night and i have been so grumpy with my oh and my baby.

need to loose stone and a half dont no what to do!!:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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well u got to day 5 so personally i think u would be very foolish to pack it in until u have got to your first weigh in....

many peoplel report day 5 can be the worst day - i think a lot of people have it tough the first week - but once u get your first weigh in over u - most people find they feel full of energy and most importantly confidence that they will achieve their goal.

u have 2 days to go - just try to take it as easy as u can and see how the next few days pan out - u will be over the worst probably by 2moro...

good luck...

ps 1.5 stone will be gone in 1 month i reckon.

Thanks for advice i maybe will try stick at it the first few days was fine and i have managed to sit in a restaurant and not eat and go to the pub without drinking so it wasn't too bad. it just the feeling weak and mood!! 2 days to go and if i haven't lost a good bit i don't think i will continue. What happens if you miss out on a shake or a couple for that matter would you loose more weight?


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No - you need to have all your shakes or your body can go into starvation mode and it makes it harder for you to lose weight. Also you need all your shakes to provide the vits and minerals that you need to keep you going and keep you healthy.
As people have said - this diet is not for everyone but I would give it a full week and then see how much you have lost and use that your motivation... You can do this !!:D
Day 5 was the worst for me too, hun. I remember feeling really crap and was completely evil to everyone! I have a very active 2 year old as well so can completely relate to what you say about not having the energy to deal with him. Hang in there tho hun, cos I promise you it definitely gets better. I am now on Wk 9 and the time has just flown by. Have tons of energy now and my 2 year old struggles to keep up with me! Good luck x
if you can i would give it a couple more days and see how you feel the 1st week i had no energy then day 8 i felt great! stick it out if you can x


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stick it out I know its hard but it does get easier it will be worth it in the end.:)

Start weight 18.00st
week1 8lb's lost
week2 5lb's lost
week3 6lb's lost
week4 4lb's lost
week5 5lb's lost
week6 6lb's lost
week7 5lb's lost
week8 3lb's lost (3 stones lost:):))
week9 5lb's lost (stopped smoking after 10yrs:):))
week10 3lb's lost
week11 4lb's lost
week12 4lb's lost
week13 3lb's lost


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days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 were the worst for me. but i felt great after that! lol

not trying to put you off - but it really is worth it if you stick at it. I felt like crap for over a week but i feel fantastic now! xx


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i had hell too when i started, total hell! i was so weak and feeble you could have knocked me out with a flick of your finger!

stick with it, it'll be over soon and you will be at target in no time at all.

as for missing shakes, i did this one day by mistake and it made me feel worse, i was really rough, you need the vits and minerals as your body cant store most of them so you have to take them.

i hide from OH on here when i have a 'cob on' with a pint of water.

good luck
Reading your thread was like you were talking about me on day 5! I can totally relate, that was the day I nearly gave in. I felt sick, weak, moody and just thought I can't do this anymore and felt bad on my two year old as I was so iritible. My husband spurred me on and thank God, I saw the day through. I had difficulty sleeping for and still do sometimes but I can live with that if I am losing weight. I'm on day 14 today and having my second weigh in later and honestly I feel fantastic so hang on in there - it really is worth it when you jump on that scales.
good luck xxxx

Start weight 14.8
Week 1 - lost 9 1bs
Week 2 - watch this space......
On my fifth day I felt so weird I was scared, but had a deadline so had worked through from 6-2 on just one shake- 2 hours late with the second. Couldnt recover, felt really bad, couldnt even nap.....so ate some meat. Felt way better, think not having the shakes regularly is a really bad idea at the start......maybe always........good luck now. you dont have much weight to lose, good to banish it now before its out of hand.
Firstimer you have done so well to get to day 5, a lesser person would have given up before now. Try to hang on till your WI coz if you do you will be on cloud 9 and dancing round the living room (or is that just me?!!!)

It does get easier. I've just had my 14th WI and cannot believe the time has gone so quickly. You will not need to be on LT as long as me coz you have much less to lose but you will lose it a lot quicker on LT than on any other diet.

Good luck hun and I look forward to hearing your great news on WI day.

Thanks everyone for your comments they really help and now sitting to my last shake of today and ya no feeling bit better. i really want to loose the weight before it gets out of hand, i can't believe i even let it get this far!! My WI is on Wednesday so here's hoping i get the results.
good luck for Wed you will do great


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Hi first timer, pls stick with it. You've come this far, in a couple of days you'll have your first weigh-in and you'll be glad you did! I've got a 2 and 4 yr old, at first I was irritable and felt bad but now I'm energetic and excited and feeling real good. You can do this!!


please try again
good luck first timer for your weigh in on wednesday. am sure you will do great and will be feeling better soon

just getting this far youve done well, i know a girl on a different forum who gave up on day one cos she was hungry! shockingly everyone on there thinks its good to give up and stick with them the " proper way" and im now looked down on for doing the stupid diet that made her feel bad.
well ill have the last laugh when i get to goal

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