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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by megsmum, 18 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. megsmum

    megsmum Full Member


    I have noticed a few things that have been a disadvantage since I have lost weight so thought we could have a bit of fun disscussing them :character00148:

    Ok my trousers are to loose the waist band is rubbing and annoing me. :doh:

    I have had to buy new knickers as the old ones kept falling down:whoopass:

    I put on a bra this morning and my boobs were lost in it.:lost:

    I dont have a winter coat that fits and refuse to buy a new one as I am only half way through my first 100 days. So I am always cold:gen125:

    I have more energy so walking the dogs more. The poor things dont have any more energy and are always tired:chores016:

    My kids are complaining there is no nice food in the house. If I am not eating it neither are they:eat:

    Im sure there are more but all I can think of at the moment. O yes you have to find a smilie to fit :whistle:
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  3. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    i know the feeling with the winter coat & the knickers.
    Very good.:giggle:
  4. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    When I got down to 12st ish, I noticed that when walking through a busy market / town centre, I'd be buffeted round like a pinball! I'm only a short wee thing and it was obviously very easy for people to barge me out of the way.

    When I was 22st, if someone barged into me, they'd have ended up with a bruised shoulder! ;)
  5. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Thanks for the chuckles, megsmum!
  6. Delli

    Delli Talks too much


    i have to agree, i have nothing to wear cos nothing fits and i start back to uni next monday, and im for a hen weekend on the 28th and i cant afford to buy new clothes!!
  7. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    I am constantly cold - no insulation
    I am dead mardy now, slightest knock and I moan annd I am covered in bruises
    I am spending a fortune on new clothes, especially long sleeved woolies and jeans
    I truly believe I am spending more time with my appearance, like looking in the mirror a bit longer and thinking is that really me?
    Hubby said no pillows for his head - Boobies look more like my spaniels ears than his does.
    Daughter said nowt to cuddle when she puts her arms around me and she can now clasp her arms
    Its fanflippingtastic xx
  8. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    Gastric BYpass
    great thread;

    constantly cold
    spending a fortune on new clothes
    weeing every 5 seconds
    hubby cant keep his hands off me!! (ok so not really a downside but a bit distracting when Im watching eastenders lolol)
  9. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    I cant stop shopping, just love going too the shops, on saturday i decided to do the charity shops got a real bargin, a pair of m&s jeans like new for £3.49, how cool is that.
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I no longer have an excuse for not wanting to chuck myself out of an airplane or go bungy jumping:( Damn. Got to think of another reason for not doing it now :D
  11. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    LOL, wonderful thread ladies,
    all I can add to those is, I'm spending a fortune on toilet rolls, all those extra trips to the loo, and I seem to be walking on the hems of all my trousers and jeans, they used to stay up on my belly, but not anymore.
    Ah! just thought of another one, buying vast quantities of wrinkle cream/moisturiser/ need shares in Superdrug

    Wouldn't have it anyother way
  12. madhatter400

    madhatter400 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hee hee lovely thread! I am also constantly cold so much so that i have to wear layers and take gloves, wolly hat and scraf with me just in case and I am seriously worried about winter!! Also no one seems to understand how frustrating it is to buy some clothes only to have them be too big in a few weeks time! Constantly going to the loo and remembering to drink water! hee hee the life of a Lighter lifer eh! But would not have it any other way!!!
  13. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    Lighter Life Total
    Not being able to buy a dress for a formal do in a months time becuase I dont know what size I will be by then (but hey its going to be smaller right?) so who cares?lol
  14. Maya the Bee

    Maya the Bee New Member

    My weding ring slips off my finger now...surely that only means I have lost weight??!!
  15. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Also getting paranoid,

    about where is the nearest Ladies Toilet, Service station?
    and am I carrying enough bottles of water for the trip?, even if I am only going to the shops.
  16. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

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    W8 as need to lose so I can TTC!!!
    lol - Great thread,
    Cold like everyone else and refusing to buy a new coat due to the fact I am still shrinking. Wearing out the clothes I have, although I still need to buy belts cos the jeans can be taken off now without undoing them! Cool.:giggle:
    Going to a formal dinner dance tonight and having to buy my dress two days ago so that I knew it would fit. But it is miles smaller than the one that I wore last year!! Yee Haa:party0048:
    Hubby commenting about everything I wear now, and drooling all over the floor. But I love it really!
    Saggy bits, boy, do I need to go to the gym! Or a miracle cure - anyone? lol :D
    The toilet breaks, gosh, I thought it would get easier, as if!! Oh well, I pretty much know where they all are in the surrounding area.:sign0131:
  17. Allan G

    Allan G Gold Member

    :D I plan my shopping trips around were the nearest loo is now, before i just wandered around town, now i know all the shops were you can spend a penny :D
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  19. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    Ooooh good thread! Most of mine have been done.

    1. Always cold.
    2. Bruise easily.
    3. Feel like I have to apologise for being slim, as most people I work with are decidedly quite chunky.
    4. I have indeed acquired the nickname 'slim' at work (people used to just shorten my name to AM, but now I am 'slim')
    5. Having always been used to growing out of clothes (ie going from a 14 to a 16) growing out of some lovely size 12's as they are too big, is somewhat rather sad (sniff)
  20. shrm26

    shrm26 Glamorous Gran

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    Laughed til i peed (not hard considering my water intake)Lol
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