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Hi Everyone

Im feeling really drained!! Im not sure why but i have no energy, my get up and go and got up and left. I just feel like I want to stay in bed and not move. I would if I didnt have to get up with the boys. I just feel like a toal grump!

A couple of days ago I gave the house a big sort out but it looks like a bombs hit it AGAIN!! I like my own company but I dont really get time in the house on my own to just relax, when the boys arent here I am trying to catch up on house work.

Ive had a really nice bath this morning but its not really lifted my mood. I think im just feeling sorry for myself, I know i still have a bit to go until I am at target and my OH although is supportive on me being on LL, Ive told him I am feeling really lost at the moment but he just says keep going. I dont think he realises how hard it gets sometimes.

Sorry I hope I havent brought everyones mood down Im just feeling like im in a wee black cloud at the moment! UGH
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No, it won't bring our moods down, though I do feel for you, Emski. I have had days like that (recently it's been taking an hour or more to get up for work). But it's stages like this that you have to grit your teeth and push through. While this might sound like the last thing you'd want to do, I think you'd benefit from getting up and going for a walk - even a 30 minute one (assuming you haven't have a foot of snow up there).

I'm often the same - I excuse myself a lot of things I should be doing, so next week I'm going back to scheduling my time.

In fact, I'm going to go for a swim now - I don't want to but I've gotten too lazy recently. Go for a short walk :)

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There, there....Sorry you are feeling down Ems. <hugs>

Days like that are horrible....you just sort of bimble around aimlessly and antsy - at least I do - with just a general feeling of malaise. And it is hard if you don;t have time for yourself, especially when you are feeling like that.

You are doing brilliantly, and its only natural to have days like this. Its an emotional effort this diet - not just a physical one. You have been putting a lot of energy into your diet and helath and chanign your lifestyle - perhaps you just need a day to relax, and reflect on what you have acheived so far. Imagine where you would be, today, if you had not started LL. That would usually cheer me to no end. ANd also, while doing that - really take in how quickly you have reached your halfway point. I bet it is faster then you thought? Faster then any other diet in any event!! That feels good right - knowing how fast that time has gone!? The good news is, that feeling of amazement at how fast its gone - apply that same feeling to how fast the time will go again, and then WAM! You will hit your target.

Try not to let the blues get you down. It sounds silly - but try and embrace them as all part of the process....let the bad feelings out, and they will be replaced again by good, re-charging your battery if you will.

Hang in there kiddo - you are a star, and you are doing really really well.



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Oh I love Take That!!!

I went to Edinburgh last weekend for the first time since I left there with my ex-boyfriend(whom I was with for 7.5 years). I had lived in Edinburgh for 4 years and then my ex got a job in London so we moved there. I lived in London for a couple of years before returning back to nr Scotland. I guess going back was quite emotional for me, I saw my old flat and it brought back a lot of happy memories. I had forgotten how much I love the city. I realize I have lost a lot of my identity since becoming a mum. I love my boys and I would not change them for the world. I just guess realizing how different things have turned out. I left Edinburgh with hopes and dreams with my ex and to go back without him was strange!

I dont see or hear from Ex at all, when we split up it was very hard we had been each others first love and gone thru a lot together but as we grew up and got into our 20s we just grew apart. I guess I miss him and wonder how he is getting on. I also feel that with my OH things are very different he just takes each day as it comes and never makes plans for the future or us. I love him but I just feel that the way we are now is how we will be in 10/20/30 years time. I miss having plans for the future and things to look fwd to.

Sorry that was a rather in depth/ personal post.

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Hi Emz, sorry your not feeling too good.
I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, I've got a headache & I'm feeling lethargic, so know how you feel.
I've just worked two weeks with only one day off, I'm off today but I've got an assignment to do for college, luckily the kids don't need too much looking after anymore.
Anyway what you need to do is look after yourself today, pamper yourself.
Use a facepack, watch a movie, go clothes shopping, or as Andy said go for a walk. Maybe take the kids to the park.
Remember tomorrow is another day & you'll feel so much better.


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sorry that your not feeling too good at the moment Emz :hug99:

Cherry Plum

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Do you know what Emz, my oh is exactly the same no plans, no thoughts about the future.
We've been married for 21 years - don't know how I managed that!
Well if I had not taken the lead in everything in our life we wouldn't have got anywhere at all.
We have a good life, a big house, 3 kids + 2 foster kids, we both work hard.
My dreams were to travel, own a place abroad & eventually live abroad.
I've managed to make one of them come true, we now own a villa abroad & I'm working on the others. I've gone back to college twice to get qualifications to better myself.
He needs a firework up his backside to motivate him into anything, so I have had to deal out lots of ultimatums.
My oh didn't believe that I could make my dreams come true, he just thought they were dreams & nothing else.
I believe you have to realise your dreams in this world, otherwise what is the point.
So girl what you need to do is take on the role of making the plans for both of you, because he may not be capable of doing that.


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Hi Emz,

My OH is the same too, and like Cherry Plum has already said, you should take the lead and take on the role of making the plans for your future. I would then tell him what the plans/dreams are and what you can BOTH do to achieve them, this is what I do with my dh.

Some people are just happy to bumble along without making plans, and this is neither right or wrong, but if you feel you need something/things to focus on or achieve, then write yourself a list of dreams/goals, then write another list of how you're going to go about achieving them, this will really help you focus on them and cheer you up!

Louale x


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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and advice.

Ive had a wee cry, watched a DVD and have chilled out on the sofa and am feeling lots better. My boys have been great and played up the stairs most of the day, don't know if I will think this great once I have seen the mess but its given me some time out!

BL you are so right in saying that LL is an emotional effort as well as a physical one. I feel like my emotions are all over the place.

I am going to start planning what I want to do as something for me and work towards that. I guess I need something to focus on. I think I spend ALOT of time helping my friends with their problems and I just don't put any priority in what I want from life. LL is the biggest thing ive done for myself and its the best thing. I cant beleive im going into week 9 and not had a single slip up. I am half way there now and need to get my head down and get on with it!!

Thanks everyone.