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Dreaming about food!!


Must try harder!!
Does anyone else dream about food?? :confused:

Last night I dreamed I was demolishing a plate of pasta, a ham roll and 2 chicken nuggets followed by 3 chocolate biscuits!!
If I didnt have empty cupboards and freezer I may have believed I had actually had a sleepfeast as it was soo real! :eek:
Wish I could dream about David Hasselhoff with that much vividness!! :drool: hehehehe JOKE!!!!!:p

The very strange thing is I woke up this morning a bit dazed and confused which is generally the norm for me and my initial thought was " Oh hell!! thats it - I have fallen off the diet in a BIG way " but after I stretched yawned and opened my bleary eyes a bit more, realisation that it was all just a dream set in and I felt quite happy with my breakfast shake and cup of black tea! :)

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Serial Foodie!
i NEVER dreamed foody dreams until starting CD but its quite a regular thing now.

sometimes i dream i am eating alone and other times im at a restaurant with hubby. the most recent one was a few days ago and i was sitting with an old school friend eating magnum icecreams and drinking alchopops LOL! very odd but then i never claimed to be a normal person :D


Serial Foodie!
maybe its our brains way of allowing us to comfort eat or feel the emotion of weel being that comfort food brings without altering success??

nice thought, even if codswallop
I had some dreams about food and being force fed when I was on CD. I came to the conclusion it was because I was so focussed and 'on guard' that even when I was sleeping I wasn't totally relaxed.

I only had a couple through and slept really well solesourcing and got up in the morning with increased vigor. Was fabulous not consuming carbs to make me sluggish.

So in conclusion I thought it was a good sign that I was really focussed and determined to succeed!;)

Dizzy x
So glad you posted this I thought I was going insane...
mind you the other night I had a really good food dream
I was in macdonalds and I was at my target and feeling great.. I was just about to tuck into a big mac and I heard someone say... ''look at her, I wonder how she manages to be so slim and eat what she likes''...:D
Think this comes from not like eating in public, I usually feel people are staring and wondering why I am stuffing my face instead of doing somthing about my wieght....

The other thing I do is watch UK TV FOOD... can't get enough...
My hubby calls it FOOD PORN......:giggle:
I dream about food every night! Only since starting CD!

It's such a horrible feeling when I wake up because I really do think I have eaten it, but then relief when I realise I haven't!

I think I must be obsessed about food! Perhaps one day I will start dreaming about CD foodpacks!! Doubtful! x x


Must try harder!!
watching uk tv food?!!

Aggghhh!! thats not just food porn thats masochistic food porn! Why put yourself through the pain!!:confused: :)

I cant bear to look at food adverts, cooking programmes and have even skipped the food pages in magazines!
I have to avoid it all!!

The girls at work laugh as all the magazines I bring in for our rest room have food pages missing!


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