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Dreaming about food?!?!?

I saw someone mention on here a few days ago that they'd dreamt about food n that they could taste it n woke up thinking theyd actually cheated. Well last night, night 4, I dreamt bizarrely, I can't remember what the situation was or anything, but that I was eating chippy chips with buttered bread and no word of a lie, I could taste the melted butter in my mouth. I don't even eat chips or butter on bread!!! I woke up suddenly in a panic and nearly upset convinced that I had actually eaten it and was thinking I can't cos through day 1 & 2 again! I realised after about 5 mins that I was in bed! Is this really normal or do I have a mean ghost feeding me naughty food in my sleep trying to keep me fat?!?! Haha.

Lea xx
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Ha that's true, a girl at work put a post it note on the biscuit tin a while back saying that ha. Im not sure which forums to post these things in as I'm new to this website.

It's bizzarre isn't it as it felt so real that I'd eaten something bad x
Ah right yeah that makes sense! I feel bad now for putting it in there Oooops!

How are you getting on with the diet? X
I think 8lbs brilliant, I'm hoping to have lost 7lb but anything else is a bonus, at the moment, I've weighed myself this morning which is day 5 n I've dropped 6lb so am really pleased, I'm just worried after week one I'm only gonna lose 3lb a week which I'll be really disappointed with, hopefully not though. I also quite like the shakes but I only have the choc n strawb ones. Do get hunger pangs every now then but they don't last long which is good :) xx


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hey you 2, brilliant loss Tori :-D over half a stone is fab! i dreaming about food, mostly pizza n chips (anything carbs) but i was the same i woke up this morning with such a taste in my mouth i was convinced i had sleep walked to the fridge lol x


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that used to happen to me alot lol im not alone so, id dream i ate something and id wake up thinking i had ruined my diet. it passes after a while
Oooooh maybe it is the body missing carbs then meggy seen as mine was chips and I don't even eat chips! X


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haha I dream about eating! It only happens once in a while but I woke up and was so upset the other week thinking I had eaten! I nearly cried! It does make me laugh though! I have no idea why it happens though! Just wanted to say it happened to me too!

Tc X

Jessie 888

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And me too! I woke up the other day drooling! :D

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