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Dress size help needed rather urgently please!


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Hi all.

I'm off shopping for my bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding today. I am re-starting CD on Monday with a view of using up all my left over packs and IF I can manage it this time around continue a bit longer. I have counted my packs and I should have enough for 5 and a half weeks. The wedding is 8 weeks away today.

I am stuck to know what size to buy. I am currently a comfortable 18 with a big tummy. I'm not sure what size dress will fit me - it'll depend on the fit around my stomach. I also don't know what size to buy because I could lose a stone and a half or more before the wedding..... help!!

I'm only getting a Debenhams dress, and have heard they don't take in very well and I can't keep the receipt and change it at a later date because they are in the end of season sale now. I would ideally of left it till the last minute to buy, but my sister really wants me in this dress, so I have to buy today.
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Hey Hon
I would say go for a 16 hon.... It hard to say but thats playing it safe I think if you really are going to stick with it till the wedding then a 14 may be good for you.. Its really hard to say as everyone changes size differently I roughly went down a size a month...

What you could do if you can is get both sizes and the one you dont wear sell on ebay x
Hope you have a lovely day hon....... and hope all is well
take care xxx


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If you can afford it then get both, then you have no panicking closer to the time, no disasters with the dress not fitting either way, and keep the 14 out so you see it and use it as motivation!! That would be the happy ending.. but obviously you would have to pay for both, if you cant do that i would go with the 16, as you can attempt to take fabric away- even if you paid a bit to have it done well, but you really go adding material as easily.

hope that helps! xx enjoy your day though, sounds exciting!
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I would say go for a 16. I think it took me about 12 weeks to get into a 14 comfortably and I started out size 18/20.


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Yes get the 16-you can always have it altered if need be-it also depends on the style of the dress-does it stretch?If it does you MIGHT be able to get the 14.It would give you a good incentive to stick to it that's for sure :)
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its a hard one. You need to try on the dresses in each size and see. I had my sisters wedding on the 27th June and we got our dresses at the beginning of that month as it was very last minute. I got a 16 but 2 and a half weeks later it was falling off of me so I had to get a 14. Again this was debenhams, so try both on and see how much room you have got in the 16.
I'd get the 16. But you could always buy a 14 too, and sell the one that doesn't fit on ebay? Or if it's a nice evening dress you could save it for when you are a size 14 to wear out?


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try them on!
See how much/inches your going to need to lose to get into them hun! its probably the only way you will properly know which to get!
Hope you have fun dress shopping! :)

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