drink flavouring and mix a mouse.


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Hi everyone, tomorrow is my 1st weigh in i am very excited/nervous about finding out how much weight i've lost!
I have got on fine apart from dreading drinking the required water. Im really not a water lover, and find it so hard swallowing the stuff! It's fine on a hot day, i love a glass of cold water. But drinking 4litres of the stuff is hard going. I've noticed you can get some flavouring for it. What flavours can you get and what do they taste like, are they nice? I dont mind weak squash its just i need something thats not just water. Do i get this from my counsellor and if so how much is it going to cost?
Also what is mix a mouse, it sounds nice, please can someone tell me what its like and also how i get it and how much it costs. I need to know how much money to take with me lol.
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The water flavourings you get from your CDC are orange, berry or vegetable. My CDC charges £6.20 per tub which I think is reasonable as it makes 33 litres of flavoured water. I have only tried the orange flavouring but I find it very sweet and chemically tasting so went back to plain water within a day (even with half the scoop of flavouring recommended).

The Mix a mousse is geletin a setting agent, which makes your shakes like a jelly consistancy. My CDC charges £2.85 per tub for these and it has 10 doses in it, I will definately be getting this again as I love the chocolate shake with this.

My CDC comes to my flat to drop off my food for the week, and what I do is email her on a Monday with what I need and ask how much something costs, she usually replies the same day with the cost of anything when I ask (I can phone her but email is better for me as I remember what to write as I tend to forget when on the phone if that makes sense - she delivers my stuff on a Wednesday).

I am the same as you Laurie and find the water hard to get through but have managed to up it from 2 ltrs when I started to 4 ltrs now. I cannot drink plain water, I hate it and use the Berry flavouring and find its very nice.
Hi Laura,
I love the water flavouring would never manage to dreink the water without it,I have it weeker then suggested,Also love it hot when I am cold.
Hi Laurie, I've tried the Berry flavour (I use half of the recommended amount as it's really sweet) and the Vegetable too which I have hot (not sure if you'd want it cold :eek:). The vegetable one is a bit like a very weak soup but it takes the edge off my savoury cravings and there's nothing to stop you adding some pepper or something to give it a bit more taste.

Definitely worth trying!

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Hiya Laurie,

I have to recommended mix a mousse, its just the best ever, I have only just tried it this week 11 weeks in and I have found it brilliant, I love the choc mint.

Its been so nice for a change and its like angel delight!!
thanks everyone i have the orange flavouring. I got it today. It's really nice, although i put too much lavouring in it was too sweet. I went by the instructions. Next time i'll put less in. The powder will last longer too which is a bonus!