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I'm having a decaf but really REALLY really really REALLY want my 'usual' drink which is:

Bacardi (not dark)
lime cordial (roses)
Diet 7up

How bad would this be if I left out the lime cordial? I wonder how many G of carbs that is...must suss it out!

I actually am okay on the food front, just want to get a bit mellow and even merry!
mines a red wine plz ladies :)
I just checked it out. According to carbcounter, the bacardi adn diet 7up is zero carbs. I'm not too worried about it as it'll be a planned night off programme and it'll be just the one night. I'll get merry/pissed on very few drinks, as I've not drank in AAAAages (even before CD)...

I used to be able to, when dancing, too, knock back 10 of those on a long session out and still be grand to not seem drunk and no hangover the next day. Maybe, though, that might've had to do with the food eaten before, during and after the session. At my work do, the staff usually say, "eatin' is cheatin'" and the stereotype of Irish drinking perpetuates. :)
Bottle of Sauvignon blanc please!

But did have a teeny dash of milk in my coffee today. Naughty me!


please try again
pass the booze this way please!

im stuck in a room with people having beer, chinese and weed while i sip water and drink my shake
i think that no matter how low the carbs are in alcohol it's not worth doing it for the calories sake. also it can affect your body being in ketosis and all. if you drink you need some carbs otherwise in minimum damage is getting blotto after one and putting on weight due to the alcohol making you retain water..... the worst damage could be hospitlisation :(

just wish i could have a nice white wine. had a coffee instead with my milk allowance. :(:(:( suppose it'll be good for the waist line ladies.
I'll just have a diet coke, please....
you used to be able to drink coke zero but cambridge have said that really we should stop all fizzy drinks and get rid of conventional stuff to truly retrain our brain. i do have one when i need one but i've done that from the very beginning when i first started cd and coke zero was allowed back in 05, and it's a can a couple of times a week on top of my full water intake. this time round i've got less to loose and will still allow myself one.

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