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  1. Fatty_no_more

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    Slimming world
    Week in week out there are only 3 of us that seem to be appearing at my meeting.
    Me another woman and it changes between the other few.
    Does anyone else have this problem? not that it is one but i just loose my faith a bit and want a taste of not doing hte journey like they are as in i want to get back to "normal"
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  3. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    Attendance at mine is OK but it's only week 4.

    To be really honest I could do without the 2 hour session and cod psychology. I will never belive that I am over weight because once in 1972 my mother made me eat up my brocoli - sorry that is rubbish and bad science. Our LLC keeps harping on about it but no one in our group has that expereince - but it's as if she is incapable of thinking outside what LL have programmed her to say! :eek:

    I'll stick with it because I have made that commitment but I bore easily and begrudge 'wasting' my time. :psiholog:
  4. KerrieW

    KerrieW Full Member

    That's how I felt Miss Fenella - my LLC actually sat and read off a pre-written sheet on the weeks where she bothered to do anything at all. Switching to CD was definately the right choice for me - saving £35 a week was the icing on the cake!
  5. Zomble

    Zomble Full Member

    We started out as 12 and are down to 7 now. I don't think it's the llc's fault though. I think she's really good, and adapts the activities to our needs at the time. We lost some people through work commitments, and some who were teenagers. A couple just mysteriously vanished. Llc says in her experience the youngest ones find it hard to stick to the rules and drop out more than other age groups. Have you found that? It's a pity, because if I'd had LL when I was 18 (and stuck with it) I might have had a different life... Not that this one's so bad, though!:D
  6. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    Actually I think our LLC is a scream - it's like watching a car crash every week. She is possibly the most tactless person I have ever met.

    I mentioned that I enjoyed a glass or two of wine on a Friday (with Gardener's world - I know I know!). Our LLC all but called me an alcoholic and now mentions issues with food "or drink" then passes me a sympathetic look at every opportunity.

    One of our group mentioned she was racially abused at work by customers - our LLC then went on to explain how her son was a racist but that it was his schools fault, apparently he saw favoritism based on ethnicity and being the downtrodden white majority he felt aggrieved so now he's a nazi and that's OK - cause and effect (sorry am laughing now).
  7. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    :eek: :eek: :rotflmao:
  8. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    I know! We just share nervous looks in group. I wish I picked her up on the racisim thing but it was my first week, won't be so backwards from now on tho'
  9. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

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    W8 as need to lose so I can TTC!!!
    "Car crash Tv" I would love to be a fly on the wall, it sounds like a hoot!!!!:giggle:
    It's amazing how folk will tell themselves that it is always someone elses fault! Nothing whatsoever to do with the parents!! Yeah, right!
    My LLC is pretty new to the whole thing really and she did the program herself, sucessfully, last year. :vibes: She does use the sheets for refering to but by and large she works with what we give her in terms of ideas and situations.
    I joined the group in week 3 and by week 5 we had lost two. One through illness, the other, well she was cheating from the very start and had nothing good to say about the program. It obviously just wasn't for her. Since finishing foundation, one of the group just never came back. I guess she had done what she needed.
    I find the developers class a bit strange though. :giveup: I went along last week and we have doubled the size of the group and they are a tight nit group but I hold out some hope that we will soon be let into the little side jokes which are going on.:lost:

  10. Uphillstruggle

    Uphillstruggle Full Member

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    This thread is great. I thought I was the only one who has a cr*p LLC. My LLC never checked our blood pressure, read a "script", wasn't even trained (she was "training" as the franchise was acually run by someone else) and also said the most incredibly tactless things to the point where my group would cry every week. We started with 15 in the group (12 in the first week but more joined when some left in the first 2 weeks) and by the end there were 4. Only me and one other lady hit the 3 stone (I lost 4) target and stuck to the diet.

    After 4 months off the diet (and having gained a stone) I realise I learnt absolutely NOTHING from the "counselling" (which actually totalled about 20 minutes each week) and should have saved my money and done Cambridge.

    I hear people talk on here about thought records, crooked thnking etc and these are terms I have never heard of as we didnt get any of that input at all.

    It's disappointing but at least I am 3 stone lighter than I was in MArch.
  11. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    we have had out 2nd drop out. One from health the 2nd because......
  12. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    My Foundation group went from full strength to just 3 of us in the space of 4 weeks! And we remained a group of 3 for the rest of Foundation. I really felt that I missed out on being part of a big group :(
  13. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    I dislike being in a big group (and I've experienced a small group too - which ended up with just me) as there doesn't seem to be enough time and it is always the same core people talking about themselves.

    It is disappointing to read so many are unhappy with their LLCs. Does anyone know if we get the opportunity to provide feedback to head office (as a formalised thing, rather than only if we decide to contact them)?
  14. sun

    sun Gold Member

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    The 2hr counselling is pivotal in my opinion, we have a fanastic counsellor and have remained strong in group and become close, we have a laugh and there have been tears.

    You all start an emotional journey together, its such a shame if you are unlucky to get either a not so good LLC or a dwindled group.

    The people who see LL through from Foundation to the end of Management are the more successful long term weight maintainers.

    sun xxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Cerulean

    Cerulean Gold Member

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    CD Step 5/Low GI
    We went down to a core of about 6 very quickly, but those 6 of us all lost 5 stone or more. It tended to be women with young families that fell first - everyone else who stuck it out either had grown up children and was divorced or single (with the exception of one woman whose husband sounded ace!) What am I saying? I think the programme is easier to follow if you aren't having to feed someone week-in week out (although there are plenty of people who do succeed!) One of the women who dropped out in the first two months kept on being late because she 'had to' cook sunday dinner for her family!

    As for the LLC business - that's dreadful. There really should be more opportunity to address this with head office.
  16. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    I must admit today I really know how they feel - I could quite easily give up. I am a bit fed up anyway so am probably focusing negatively on my diet rather than the real issue - which is that I really, with a passion, hate my boss :)
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