From S to L

Day 50 calorie intake: 1479
Meals: 1
Snacks: 3

202.8 again today so I definitely need to get my average daily intake down to 1200-1300 instead of 1400-1500. Planned a "cheat" day today and got a bunch of American sweets, which I mostly grazed on after having a sandwich when I woke up. Still ended up at a reasonable calorie count for the day somehow 😂

Really pleased to have healthy hunger/fullness cues! Holding onto that NSV as now I'm at day 50 I'm having to fend off intrusive thoughts reminding me that last time I lost weight in 2019 I dropped 2.5st in 50 days. Have to remember that I did so ridiculously unhealthily, and the fallout from that restrictive cycle made me gain everything back PLUS over 50lb! I might have to lose far more slowly than I'm used to, but sustainable long-lasting weight loss and a healthy relationship with food is my real goal here. That is my priority, not the number on the scale. This time around, the scale is my guide, not my ruler

Also I tried my first ever Butterfinger and it was not what I was expecting. They only had a king size sharing bar (two 52g bars) and the other half is wrapped up, but I don't see myself finishing it any time soon. Really weird taste and texture, but still not as disappointing as when I finally got my hands on a Twinkie only for it to taste like chemical soaked plastic! Sorry to any Americans here 🙊 Try a Cadbury Mini Roll instead, I promise you won't be able to go back 🤣

As for the Butterfinger, I think I'll be sticking to Reese's. Absolutely a million times tastier haha