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Dukan Diary


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Hello. So I am starting a diary on here, it seems such a good idea to keep a diary of what you eat...

So, I'm starting my third week today having already lost 10lb. That is a booster! I've been tempted to have chocolate today though. I'd love a choc Easter egg but I just know I'll regret it once I've eaten it... So I'm gonna try to avoid the chocolate... But the temptation is very strong.

Had a really nice chicken salad for lunch and think I'll be having an omelete with tuna, peppers, onions, garlic and chilli for tea. I made that the other night and was so nice.... especially when my flatmate was sat there with a dominos pizza! I really wanted a slice! But I resisted!

Anyways, i shall keep you updated on my Easter egg craving and whether I break... fingers crossed I don't! Wish me luck! Ahh
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I lapsed. My first lapse in 15 days... Chocolate. Oh dear! It made me feel really sick tho so I don't think I'll be doing it again in a hurry. Gonna go back to PP for a cple of days to make up for it. Remembering the feeling of standing on the scales and seeing a reduction in weight beats the few seconds of pleasure from eating chocolate and then the inevitable guilty conscience... Back on it tomorrow!
dont worry it was a small blip. chocolate can be hard to resist. its good you have recognised this and are not giving up but starting afresh today. good luck.


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Thanks very much for your message. I've been really good today after falling off the wagon. Still very annoyed with myself!

Had yoghurt and oatbran for breakfast, chicken for lunch, some prawns for a snack (much to the annoyance of my colleagues lol) and just had steak with extra light philidelphia and bacon for tea.

Also have had a 30 min walk to work this morning and again tonight. Think I'm gonna stick on my exercise DVD on now and get burning some fat! Fingers crossed the weight loss will continue!


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Hello yes I did my DVD and felt a lot btter for it, although very sweaty lol.

Just been out for lunch with some girls from work, planning to have mussells but unfortunately they are out of season now :( so I opted for a steak sandwich... Without the sandwich. The waiter looked at me like I was daft but I don't care as it was actually really nice. My friends all felt bloated after their meals with chips and potato skins but I am comfortably full. I don't miss that bloated and guilty feeling after eating a load of crap. If I feel hungry later I have chicken to snack on!

Had a nice walk to work today in the sun and plan on walking back too! Hope the sun stays up! Think I'll have an omelete for tea! Yummy!


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Thanks emma. Omelete was really nice, I made it with one full egg and two egg whites to keep the colestrol down. Looked very white but was actually really tasty.

Been shopping tonight and got some more prawns - seem addicted to those ATM and also some cod for tomorrow. Gonna make it with some broccoli. Lookin forward to it already.

Have a hen party coming up on Saturday, spa day and three course meal... I think I may avoid desert. The lemon merringue is calling out to me but I'll just say I'm full... Which I probably will be! Who am I kiddin I am always full after two courses even before I started the diet! Why did I always go for desert when I wasn't even hungry?! Suppose this is why I'm in the position I'm in.... Hmmm.

Wooo I am totally rambling on but it actually helps to write things down!


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So had another good day today though I have been rather hungry today. Had a PV day so had some salmon for breakfast, some roast beef as a snack. For lunch I bought a massive salad box from waitroise (lettuce, radish, peppers and cucumber) and added my own chicken. Then as a sauce I had some no fat natural yoghurt. Surprisingly nice.

Had a brisk walk home from work. Having walked in this morning too and decided to make myself so smoked cod with carrots and brocolli for tea. I've never cooked cod like that before, Nor carrots or brocoli so fingers crossed I'm not ill tomorrow lol.

Never went to body tone today tho as all my muscles are aching from my exercises on Tuesday. Didn't fancy puttin them through much more pain til they have recovered!!!!

Off to bed. So excited fr the royal wedding tomorrow! Especially as Kate is a dukaner too! Night all xx

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