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when i had them it took about 4-5 hours, how many did you take?


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sorry not reading properly, they should have worked by now, the problem with taking more tonite may be that you could be on the loo alnite!


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Ooh dear, may be worth it though!
Dont make any plans for tomorrow morning hun :)


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if your not up early in the morning!
i took 3 the first time thinking it would be fine and i couldnt leave the house for a day and a half so please be careful! i wouldnt wish "that" on anyone lol


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Lol..the dulcolax effect! I know it well...it was the only thing that worked for me but sometimes took 12 hours to work and then I couldn't leave the house!


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Oh dear, I'm not looking forward to tonight!
They take 20-22 hours to work on me.

1 (standard tab - not perle) is enough for me, but 2 was definitely too much. Not appalling (so don't panic!), but I definitely had a squishy tummy for a good few hours.

I take mine mid morning and they take effect the following morning.


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I took one on Sunday night as I hadn't "been" for a few days. Went about 10am monday morning and then spent 45 minutes in the loo later on with major stomach cramps and the squirts. So please don't take anymore until you know how they affect you. You'll probably need to go tomorrow morning!


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i took 2 dulcolax every night for 3 days and it never helped me one bit. it just gave me chronic tummy pains. thankfully i now find the fibresure and the daily bar help keep me regular.

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