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Early morning crew


Eloquent hooligan
It's FAR too early to be awake, I only went to sleep 4 hours ago & have only woke up coz

a) I slept in my contact lenses (& opened my eyes & had a 5 second miracle wonderment that the Lord had cured my blindness in my sleep)

b) I realised the the parking inspectors were out in the prowl & I was parked on double yellows last night (occupational risk where I live) so needed to move my car asap...

What's your excuse then eh :p
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Full Member
It was clearly just you up that early :)


Eloquent hooligan
lol there were others around but they didn't post so I just looked silly :)

How you doing Soph ? Got much planned or a restful lazy one ?


Full Member
Nice restful one I think. Had a manic week a work so just want a chill out.

Although I got my Wii fit yesterday so will testing that out today :)

How about you?


Eloquent hooligan
Ha same applies... 'orrible manic week at work... I didn't get back till gone 8 last night... I've spotted some errors on work I made rushing to make deadlines :eek: I'm trying not to feel too guilty about that but as I'm not back in the office until Thursday (yay \o/ :D ) I'll have to worry about it when I return.

I should by rights be putting 100's of naked records back in their sleeves & back on my tune shelves but I can't face it :eek: I might just muck about on the decks instead & make it worse :D

That WII Fit looks smart, I want a go :D


Full Member
Enjoy you time off (not that I'm jelous at all!!).

You're welcome to use the Wii anytime, can just imagine you doing your yoga poses!


Eloquent hooligan
You wouldn't be if I told you I'd be spending it stripping............. wall paper :p at my Mums new bungalow (she's setting up a new business for one on one residential care for people with special needs & has just bought a bungalow which will be converted for purpose).

The WII Yoga sounds fun - I'm lithe, supple & graceful ;) Right up to the point where I fall over with cramp...

You gotta invest in a Wii fit - they rock!! I am a dab hand at the hula hoop and boxing sections!

I also rock at catching fish dressed as a penguin on the wii fit - don't ask! :8855:

i was up - not through choice though lol its NEVER through choice!! had to get ready and stuff though my mum was coming at 9.30 lol
lol lexi i know what you mean, my two youngest are teething at the moment its a bleeding nightmare!

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