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Eat all daily pp even if not hungry?


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If you have a few daily pp left to use up at the end of the day and have eaten well all day and genuinely arent hungry do you still eat them just to make up your full allowance or do you just leave them?? This has happened me a few times and have not been hungry but have eaten junk to make up the pp (not that Ive a problem eating junk but seems to me like Im overeating cos I wasnt hungry to start with!)
Just wondering what you are all doing?
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I was doing that and have since made myself only use my daily points and only dip into my weeklys for a treat once a week. I was eating junk just because I had the points when i wasn't even hungry, then I realised it was that kind of eating that made me borderline obese in the first place. Try and ask yourself 'am I actually hungry' if the answer is no get yourself a piece of fruit and shut the cupboard or fridge door. If you are hungry maybe have a bowl of cereal, something that will fill you up x
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You shouldn't be eating for the sake of eating, but you do need to try to eat all of your points. If every now and again, you're a point or two under, don't worry too much, but if it's a regular thing, you need to try to do something about it.
You could try replacing lower fat options with higher pointed options; for example, if you use low fat bread or cheese, replace this with normal bread and cheese. Try things that are high in good fats such as avocado and unsalted nuts.
If you're still struggling, what about shop-made fruit smoothies, or from time to time even a glass of wine (I'm not advocating alcohol as a good diet but it does use up spare points if you have them hehe)


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I basically eat till I'm full... Like today, I've had all my 3 meals and snacks etc - feel like I've been munching all day! - but still have 8 points left. I'm not gonna eat for the sake of eating so I'll just lose them. I think eating for the sake of it is what got me in the mess I was in in the first place - I'm a comfort eater by nature and WW has taught me that eating is not a release for boredom or stress!

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