Eaten - Kinda 790 - is ok to do 790 now and again & SS other days?

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    Hi all,

    I tucked into cottage cheese with cucumber and lettuce again just now. It was the amount you have on 790 as appose to the amount of AAM week.

    Can anyone give me some advice, is it ok to do half SS half 790? I'm having a hard time with things at the moment, and its the only thing thats stopping me turn to real bad food.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. EllieG

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    I think that officially it is discouraged because it gets you in the habit of eating and then most people find it very difficult to SS. I'm sure one of the CDCs will elaborate soon.

    Why not try the 790 if you're finding SS tough ? The weight loss is almost identical and you'll have food every day.
  4. misstiny

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    Sorry to sound like an idiot.....if 790 and SS give you the same results then why do we SS???:confused:
  5. lou-lou

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    I think it's because ss eliminates food altogether (except for aamw). 790 still requires a certain amount of willpower as you are being strict about what you can and can't eat. Some people find that once they start it can lead to overindulgences. I like 790 even though i'm only on day 2, but you still get 3 packs and a meal.

    Love Lou xxx
  6. missymoo

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    I was going to do ss but on day 1 knew it wasnt for me so immediately continued on 790, Im on my 4th week now and have had ok losses ... I cheated badly on weeks 2 and 3 otherwise I think I would have had between 3-5lbs loss each week and this week Im due my totm Im very bloated, so hoping for a good loss next week maybe?

    The meal in the evening (or you can split it into 2 smaller meals) is what i look forward to, I dont always need it or feel hungry but Im in a routine and I have it and enjoy it. I couldnt ss and know I will be sticking with 790 till I reach my goals.

    There are a few people on the forums, Leehal for one, who have great losses .. pretty much the same as those on ss. But if you need to eliminate food altogether as you have little willpower and one small meal each night would lead to binging then ss might be best?

    Why dont you give 790 a proper go, do a whole week and see how you get on and what the weight loss is at the end of the 7 days?
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  7. MadamDotty

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    I would say give yourself a break and do the 790 plan, it can be so self-defeating to keep trying to SS and then feel like you're failing, at the moment you've been really good and are only having 790 meals when you're struggling but it can lead to picking and you end up eating other things too.

    790 is a great plan, but as Lou-Lou said it's not for everyone and some people like and/or need the no-food regime of SS, but other people can't bear the thought of not eating at all and just by having that meal in the evening gives them something to look forward to all day.

    The losses on 790 are slightly lower than on SS, but still brilliant losses. It might be worth doing 790 for a couple of weeks then if you feel ready move down to SS as it eases you into a bit more gently, but if 790 is working for you & satisfies that need to eat, then stick with 790.

    All the best & HTH
  8. Sambucca

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    I agree with madam dotty. it would be far better for your morale to decide to do 790 and stick to it, than for you to keep feeling you have failed on ss.

    You are trying so so hard, I can see that, but you are struggling and if you make a concious (sp?) decision to stick to 790 you will feel much more like you are achieving something, and may even be ready to move back to ss in a couple of weeks when your events are out of the way and your head is in the right place.

    Im really struggling too at the moment and considering swapping to 790 as I am torturing myself with thoughts of food all the time.
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