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Eating after a certian time


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Could be the problem with your weight loss. I usually eat my dinner by 8 (sometimes 9 on friday / saturday).
Please dont quote me on this but could it hinder your weight loss if you are eating late then going to bed then you arent actually burning as many calories (unless ;))


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I seem to recall recent studies suggesting that it doesn't really matter what time you eat. Look at the Spanish for instance. They eat much later than we do. I think it's the overall consumption of calories that matters. We continue to burn calories even in our sleep.

What I do think, however, is that eating too much right before going to sleep can cause you to have poorer sleep as energy is diverted to digestion which may affect how well you sleep. But I am open to more learned debate on this. I'm not a doctor.
I work for doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists and they said I shouldnt eat past 7pm but thats nearly impossible for me! By the time I finish work, go to gym, get home, shower and cook dinner, its nearing 7:30 anyway.
It affects some people and not others. There are all sorts of thoughts on it and science/pseudo science/research etc.

Some of the ideas include:
- Don't eat after 7pm at all
- Don't eat carbs after 7pm
- Snacking is ok in the evening but not a big meal (digestion issues)
- Eat whenever...a calorie is a calorie whenever you eat it

Personally, I think eat whenever you're hungry! Maybe not eat something massive just before you go to bed, but that's more for indigestion than anything.

Do a google to read all the myths and facts...there's loads of info!

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Now Jaffa cakes are the problem, not the time Huni!!!
I was speaking to an Army PTI (where I work) and he was saying that it doesnt matter what time we eat, but what we eat that is the problem. Where is it in writing that we legally have to eat breakfast at a certain time, lunch etc??

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Hi Hellie...how are you Huni???? Just posted a thread!!


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Just speaking for myself, I don't like to eat after 8pm at night because I don't like to feel uncomfortable when I go to bed, I find if my tummy is full I tend to get indigestion, but I do drink after 8pm and one of those drinks is usually a milky one.

As for your metabolisim I suppose its down the individual person, when I was nursing and on nights I used to have a cooked meal or sandwiches at about 2am in the morning (but I was awake and on my feet working all night) then I would usually have a light breakfast when I got home and then I would sleep until about 4pm and eat again about 6pm before I went to work, and it seemed to work for me then (it certainly wouldn't now) - there are lots of people who work shifts too, so I suppose our bodies get used to the odd times that we eat in these jobs and our metabolism works with us either for or against us.

So I think it is down to every persons individual metabolism....there just is no easy way to lose weight is there?.....
hi sarah jane ive gotta say that if i had jaffa cakes or wotsits in the house I would start binging on a nite. So the only thing that works for me is to not buy them. I put fruit ect in easy reach. And as thats all thats convenient for me to eat i either eat that or am not that interested so eat nothing as I usually am not hungry im just fancying something naughty. Also as for metabolism the only answer is keep excercising and your metabolism is at a higher rate for about 24hrs night or day.


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i think common s4ense has to prevail on this one ladies XXX don't think it matters too much we eat we burn it's not gonna magically stick there straight away so i wouldn worry bout it unless as mentioned above it means you cant sleep as well
I try and leave at least a couple of hours between my main meal and going to bed, that's because i can't sleep very well if i've just eaten. Your digestion works better if you're standing up (not that i'm saying stand up for your meals) but it becomes more sluggish if you're slouched so i would imagine it's the same for laying down. There was something a while back on GMTV (I think) about people with sleep issues and that recommended a lettuce sandwich on brown bread before going to bed, something to do with the nutrients aiding sleep i think!

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