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Eating all your points?

Do you have to eat all the points in your daily allowance... or is it ok not to as long as you eat at least 29?

I have a massive. ridiculous PP allowance of 54 daily, due to my age/weight and the fact that I am still breastfeeding, but there is no way I could eat all those points every day and still feel like i was eating healthily for weight loss - I would end up eating things for the sake of it and that's a mindset I'm desperately trying to get away from!

I'm on day 3 (started back at WW on Monday for the launch of the new plan!) and on Monday I ate 33 points and Tuesday 34 - and that's about as much as I *can* eat without stuffing myself or choosing less healthy foods?

Do you think that's ok?
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I would see how you get on this week and speak to your leader and ask for some advice. They are best placed to help you use your points properly and they know more about how the new plan works!


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What about eating things like full-fat cheese, the skin from your roast chicken, some PB or almond butter with an apple, etc. to bring the PPs up? You'd be eating up to your target level, without compromising the quality of what you're eating.


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I don't know what WW say about it, but I would say it's worse to eat if you don't want to/aren't hungry. Maybe just try switch low fat stuff to higher. Add a bit of olive oil instead of spray, etc.
So long as you know you are not hungry or depriving yourself I would just do what others have suggested and make non healthier choices just to make the points. You can always change back later.
It's a tricky one and definitely you should talk to your leader as the 54points will have already been deducted for you to make up the 49 weekly allowance your allowed. I know on the new propoints they state you HAVE to eat all your points you've been given, but in your case i know that it's difficult, like others have said try to eat more pointed items of things your having, so like when you want bread have a burger bap! they are 7pp compared to bread at around 2/3pp .. cheese have more of it, or a higher propointed one, crisps have singular packs instead of multi packs as these are higher erm, butter, milk, beef instead of chicken... all these carry more propoints but your still having the same quantity
Do you know how many points you would be on if you weren't breastfeeding? If you could find that out then maybe you could use that as an absolute minimum and then give yourself some set extras to accomodate what you need for breastfeeding? Some extra dairy for example?

I would definitely talk to your health visitor first before doing that though!
Eating a few points less now and again is probably ok but 20 less a day?? That's not good for you! You need to remember WW have calculated your allowance because it's what you need. Eating so much less will very likely impact on your losses. Mote points doesn't have to mean more food.

Why not post your past few days menus on here and see how they can be bimped up x
I ahe to say that when I was breastfeeding, I gladly ate all my old ww points, and put on 4lbs the 1st week and 2lbs the 2nd week. My leader then said that the amount of cals burnt by women breatfeeding seemed to vary from woman to woman. WW aren't allowed to recommend that breastfeeding women eat below their points, but that some women just would not lose weight unless they did. I experimented and actually, I had to stick to the same amount of points as everyone else while feeding. |It obviously didn't make much difference to my metabolism!