Eating back burnt off calories?


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My limit is 1500 a day (~2200 to maintain) and I'm burning 2-300 calories off through exercise. Am I supposed to eat these calories back? I stick to my 1500 calories but this includes the ones I have burnt off, so essentially I'm only eating 12/1300 calories... It seems kinda pointless burning them off and then eating them back!:confused:
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I haven't really been doing any exercise since I started calorie counting, as I've been unwell but I think when i do start doing more I won't eat the extra calories. Some people may do, and find that works for them, but il try not to. Apart from maybe if I have a night out or meal where I know I'l go over, and it means you can enjoy a treat knowing you banked the extra calories for it through exercise!

Remember doing exercise has other health benefits besides weight loss, so if you decide you want to eat your extra calories then go for it, doesn't mean your efforts are wasted! :)


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I tend to eat back if I'm hungry but I'm on 1200 and don't like going under x

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I've never eaten them back and been fine. Some say they gain or losses slow down when they don't eat them. Try both out. See how it works for you :)


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I eat enough to keep me over 1200cals, or if I'm hungry, but then save the rest for the weekend if I have a treat.


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Only have them if you are genuinely hungry otherwise leave em as a calorie deficit bonus :)