Help ..... mixed info ..... Calorie Counting or Slimming World


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I am back again!

I have did slimming world before but I never got on well. My first weigh in, after being great all week, I gained half a pound. It put me off and upset me so I never went back.......probably the worst thing to be honest. Since then I have not did anything and now at a point where I need to get a grip

I do attend the gym (curves - strength training) and they tell me that in order to loose weight, I must count calories and have a calorie deficit. With SW, I do not count calories and probably over indulge on carbs etc. I am really confused as to what to do .... has anyone got any tips for me. I am not sure whether to get back to slimming world or use my fitness pal and just count calories....?!?! The calorie counting did give me flexibility of eating what I wanted but I did struggle to est all calories. I am 21st and was told previously to stick to 1500 per day, I know this is low but I struggled to even eat them. I am so confused!!

Sorry for the rant!

Thanks in advance x