Eating everything in sight! Arrgghh! Stressy rant :(


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Oh I wasn't implying you don't do any exercise (obviously I don't know anything about your circumstances!) but I was wondering if there was anything in particular people know that can help with IBS - I know it sounds a bit hippy but some yoga poses for example are thought to help stimulate the digestive system. Not sure what kind of a specialist you would need for that though! :)

Your consultant does sound rubbish so I really hope you manage to find support elsewhere... through the NHS, or I'm sure people on here will always be willing to give you some supportive words, whether or not you're up to following SW at any given point.

Good luck xx
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Possibly.. I'm wondering if a strong coffee will help. Starbucks coffees always used to give me an ibs attack, but last time it didn't touch me :( They tend to last all day as well, which I just can't afford at the moment! Maybe at the weekend. It's my birthday as well.. :(

Elvisfan4life - what will they do? Our pharmacists are pretty rubbish :( I think I'm just going to give up on SW. I am so tired of this. I might write to them as well & complain about my consultant as she's been no help whatsoever. I'm fact, I don't want to go tomorrow as she'll just make me feel worse by telling me to draw a line under it and move on. I can't, because I'm still not pooping! I don't want to gain all of the weight back :'( Am I just going to be this weight for the rest of my life?!

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sorry to hear that my pharmacist is great..i used to need home enema kits and the works if i had a bad attack but couldnt get a gp appointment my pharmacist would sort me out emergency prescriptions,I had just got used to having dodgy intestines after years of being fobbed off and took laxatives every day but still had to resort to enemas etc in bad was such pain...since my op i havent had one bad day..but,i wouldn't recommend open surgery to anyone..was just hoping you could bet some help somewhere before it ever gets that bad you sound so down