Eating small amounts of protein on SS, problem or not?

Hi all, how you all doing tonight? :)

I have a quick question, if I were to eat a slice of chicken every other day, would that cause:

Ketosis to stop?

No weight loss?

Weight gain?

Im asking because Im really struggling with the hunger side,Im drinking loads but still feel really hungry at times.

When will the hunger stop and well will I get this energy that everyone's talking about?


Bm2lm xx
You could try a hot cup of water, that stops me from feeling hungry.

If your missing chewing try the recipies which you can use with your packs.
The further into the diet you go you start to lose the hunger. Im now in week 4 and have my shakes and soup because I need to now not because Im hunger. I normally have my 1st one at 9.00am but I was busy in work and realised it was 10.00am and I wasnt hungry.

Keep going.
Hiya Bm2lm

You may remain in ketosis but as long as you are adding extras you won't be able to predict the weight loss. It quickly becomes a habit to add that 'slice' of chicken and you end up having it because you are used to it, rather than because you need it. Far better to cut it out and bull through mate :)
Can't agree more, the best way is to stay abstinate as that way ketosis is fully engaged and that is the duvet of hunger protection that makes the diet bearable.

Just hang in there for a few more days and hopefully you will start to feel better.

Also I know it is boring but drink as much as you can as that makes you lose more weight but also helps suppress any feelings of hunger whether physical or pschological.

I have to unequivically agree with previous posters ... totally abstain - that's the only way. Take it from someone who started Cambridge Feb 2006 and is only now getting her lard arse into gear. No food, is the best way .....
This is my 3rd week and I have kept having nibbles since I started and the weight loss is really slow and I am in and out of Ketosis - so I would say if you have gone a whole week without then NO dont do it and keep up the good work. Reading some of the replies and questions just boosts you on and I am going to really tried hard and drink loads of water x
The point about ketosis is not how much you eat but what you eat. You could sit and eat 2 whole chickens, a lump of cheddar followed by a plateful of roast beef. If you measure on a keto stix after this you will still be in ketosis as this is a protein binge, but as it still contains loads of calories you won't lose weight like this.

Obviously we all want to sail there till we reach goal. In reality it doesn't always happen. I always advise my friends that if they really must eat off their programmme, rather than go off the diet altogether, find something virtually or totally carb free so at least you won't have all the trauma of getting back into ketosis again. Yes the weight loss will probably slow down or stop till the normal programme is resumed but it is far better than swinging in and out of ketosis as the more often that happens, the harder it is to shift the weight.

Thanks all for the replies, I will be strong and abstain. thanks again.

bm2lm xx
Thanks for this thread - I too was wondering about that. Like others have said though, i think that if I start eating it will become part of my routine and gradually increase and I really want my weight to come off as quickly as possible so looks like I will have to stick to the diet 100% too.