Total Solution Exante!


Hi I'm another person starting a diary in the hope it will help . I've just purchased 2 weeks worth of Exante products and am following total solution. I've had two products so far today.

I weighed myself today and weigh an astounding 14 stone 12. I've never weighed this in my life apart from when pregnant.

I've gained two stone this year. I'm not sure how I got here....really. I have two children of 5 and 3 - but after both pregnancies I got straight down to 12 stone. I believe the weight gain started with my dad's illness. He has mesothilioma, and although he isn't at the end of his life quite yet, my life has been filled with absolute anxiety. He doesn't live nearby and he's had 3 hospital admissions over the past year where I thought he might die....It's led me to comfort eating and drinking. I also started taking citalopram and I believe this piles on the weight.

Diets I've tried: Last year I started slimming world. I like this diet but it doesn't give me quick results. I dislike the AA type meetings also. I couldn't really keep the meetings up, so gave up. I'm a person that needs to see results. I was astounded at how some people in the class were losing astronomical amounts. The problem with SW also is the leaders are target driven. We were told by 1 leader that head office wanted to see people losing over 2 pounds a week. This is impossible for me on THAT diet. I've got an underactive thyroid too. That said I think is a good diet and will probably go back to it once my weight has reduced but for now I want quick results.

I tried Cambridge too, now this is basically the same as Exante but you are paying over the odds for the person. I liked my leader but every week she seem to put the price up.... and was getting a bit miffed by it. I lost a stone that time. Then dad got ill.

This time I'm determined. I've decided I'm not mentioning it to family. My mum always has advise. She tells me how to diet... which makes my blood boil, as a few years ago, I was 3 stone lighter than her ....she's now an expert!!!! My parents are divorced and she has a very easy life with my step dad. They rarely look after my children and really have no stress. So of course, dieting is easy for her. Im not mentioning it to anyone as I've found everyone has something to say. Often this leads me to eat more.

So this time I'm serious. I'm doing this. I've got a holiday booked in August and want to feel confident. I'd like to wear shorts and sleeveless tops. I'm a 41 year old woman so not worried about looking like a supermodel lol! I'm really worried about my health more than anything.

My one problem is I can't sleep sometimes when hungry. Hoping when I get into ketosis this will help. So by Wedding anniversary on 31st May I want to be at least 2.5 - 3 stone lighter. I'm determined now.

Thanks for reading. Any advice welcome.
Thanks Alison. Great to have such a support, looks like you are doing well. So that inspires me. Yesterday my dad saw the palliative care nurse from the hospice. My dad isn't imminently dying but needs support. Being an ex nurse with some knowledge have been taking it all on. As a result of the visit, My dad is now going to go to a cofffee morning once a order to meet others in the situation. He needs this as is a sociable person. He was reluctant before as he considered the hospice to be a place to die. Think he thought going there was like putting a nail in his coffin, but it isn't like that at all. I sort of feel like a big weight has been lifted. It means he's getting support from others.

So how does this help my diet? It takes the pressure off and means I'm less likely to stray off.....and get stressed out.

Day 1 was yesterday. I ate pancake meal replacement and two bars. I didn't get hungry at all. My main problem last night was getting to sleep. Before now I'd of gone downstairs and scoffed a load of crisps....or anything. I've got myself into the habit of thinking food helps me sleep. I need to break it. I occupied myself last night by crafting. I make and sell work. I stopped doing this, so enjoyed!

I sneakily weighed myself this morning and I've lost 3 pounds of water weight over night. I won't weigh myself again until Friday. I just wanted to give myself a little boost.

Today, I'm worried as we may nip to the coast. We have promised my 5 year old. She did all of her homework yesterday in order to get treat!!!! I've had a hot meal breakfast.... I'll take a bar with me.....I'be got to be strong.

One thing I do have too is pmt, so in a battle with the pmt cravings!

Just to say do people take selfies on their weight loss journey? I might if this works!

Anyway have a good Saturday all !
So went out today....was tough. Feeling hungry. It's agony! Got to keep going!

By the way I'm probably going to be writing to myself for a while on here. Even if no one reads I've written it and it is diarised that makes me feel I've got to keep going!!!

When I feel more confident about navigating the site I shall make sure I comment on others posts !! :)
Well done on staying strong all day, its so hard to have a family day out and the normal thing is to eat together or have a treat I couldnt do it I have literally just not gone anywhere social since I started doing this
Have to say I think the novelty has worn off for the OH now and a take out will be on the cards next weekend
You should be very proud of yourself
Thanks Alyson, how long have you been on the diet? Have you got a thread I can follow? I can imagine other halves do find it hard because it's so limiting. Such a lot of our culture is based around going out for food and realise this when you can't eat like everyone else!!!.When you are on this diet you can't share a bottle of wine, or have once weekly takeaways! A day out wasn't too bad, however I'm dreading meeting up with people. I've got a few nights out in April and don't want to be tempted! It sounds like you've lost a lot so far and have got to the point where you can have a break.

When I did the Cambridge before I just wasn't committed and kept cheating taking myself out of ketosis! Was terrible. I need to be better than that this time, but I have over a stone more to lose! My problem is evenings.

The other thing is I'm a stay at home mum and the moment ( although working on getting back into the workforce) and I find it's worse for me being at home because of temptations. How have you dealt with these?

Im so shocked by how much I weigh I just hope I can do this! I've still got some joules vouchers from my 40th birthday and would be lovely to buy a size 14! Better go anyway. The house needs a good clean! So better get on with it. Have a lovely day x
Hello lovely Happy Sunday I know the feeling I am home as well although mine are at school in the day time and I get the same way especially when your making lunches etc it's so hard just not to pop that bit of cheese in your gob lol
I am in my 7th week and going to do it for at least 12 ! I am the type that if I have a break I won't go back on it I will just find it way too hard. I don't yet feel ready to be able to make decisions
You can do it you just need to believe you can, I find it hard to imagine even what I will look like when I get to goal as I have spent so long being the "big" one ! All my sisters are thin and don't get me wrong they put on a few pounds like everyone every now and then but not like me lol. My downfall is wine and not sharing that bottle lol
We are very similar in what we have to loose I have done 2.5 stone with about the same to go again ( I try not to think about that lol ) you so it's definitely doable and I think even having a rant on here helps just vent when your having a bad day.
Everyone is different so choose what works for you and your life ! And try not compare yourself as everyone looses at different rates but the main thing to remember is you won't be that number again
Have a nice time with the housework , no rest for the wicked lol
You are doing so well! I actually want to lose about 4 stone but just setting my target at 2.5 stone first.

Oh gosh I can totally relate to what you've said re: not knowing how you'll look. Funny how we all build an identity. I'm the fat jolly one at the moment. Although don't feel like it inside!

Do you find your Cambridge lady really helpful? I really liked mine. She was lovely. It is good when they come and weigh you. I don't think I was in the zone when I did it before. I was paying £55 a week....and because I wasn't sticking to it 100 percent, it was a waste of money. I ended up with loads of packets. I checked them recently and they were out of date!!! I'll see what happens with out a counsellor!!!

Have a good evening ! X
So it's day 4 today!

Feeling quite pleased with myself for sticking to diet...but feeling quite low today!

I know I'm doing something about it, but depressed about how far I've got to go!! I'm inpatient! I do realise though that I've got to keep going. Today I've got the beginnings of my monthlies. Hope I start feeling better in a few days... Today I could literally eat a horse.

I bought some ketones stix and appears as if I'm in ketosis so ...I shouldn't feel hungry. this true?

Today I did struggle as I had family over.....lovely to see them but very hard to see people eating REAL food! I was asked about dieting by my nan ( who was one of the visitors) and told her that I'd prefer not to talk about diets. She is 85 and still obsessed!!! Lol!!! I really did not feel like discussing my weight!! Although she gave me advice anyway!!! I didn't comment on her wrinkles so why is she commenting on my weight? Lol! Never mind!

In other news I've started a course online in order to get back to the work place , and was online working on an assignment this morning. Struggled with this as thought a cup of tea and a biscuit was needed to help me study. I resisted. It was tough! I've got until July to finish course and hope upon completion I'm slim!

Anyway I literally had to hide in the bedroom whilst my family ate today....there is so many things I fancy eating ...but I'm going to put the children to bed and have a decaf coffee instead!

Hope I get a good loss friday! I've got to keep going! X
Sending you lots of hugs hunny , I am the same today I am due on this week ( at some stage too ). I could eat a whole horse today
I know what you mean about getting low and I understand I get days like that where I just feel like it not fair ,I know that sounds child like but I think because it's so extreme and you really have to have such strong will power to do this and your food intake is nil in comparison to normal you almost expect it to be an overnight solution. I know it's so easy to say it but just think how long it took you to put it all on and if your on plan it will come off a whole lot quicker than say WW OR SW, so although it's a hard old slog it's in the grand scheme of things 12 weeks of 1 year of your whole new you going forward.
What are you studying ? I keep thinking I will do something as a way of getting back into work also but I get so overwhelmed with the possibility of not being clever enough to do it I talk myself out of it lol
Just think this time next week your TOTM will be over and all the water gain with it will be gone too so you will get a good loss ( every crappy cloud and all )
I hope you have a lovely evening xx
Awww thank you! Everything you say is true. So weigh in day and I've lost 6 pounds. So I must admit I did go off one day and have my period so not bad considering. I'm spurred on now. The course I'm doing is a childminding course. It's a level 3 cache course. I'm not sure I even want to do it, but gives me an option. I volunteer over the school once a week so thinking I might go down the TA route. We shall see!!!! Im a bit limited as my son is 3...we worked out with d be paying to go to work with the cost of childcare, so it's finding something that fits around it all, isn't it?

Better go
Thanks for support xx
Hi all haven't updated. Had a bit of a crap week. My dad has cancer and has deteriorated. A fraught weekend was had, as my brother and I ( down visiting) realised he'd been over dosing on meds and not taking others. So this was all stressful. I live quite a distance from my dad so it's not a case of just popping's hard work. So I when I got home I ended up opening a bottle of wine and downing a few other drinks. Then chomping my way through a pizza, pom bears and children's snacks!!!! Well suffice to say I ended up putting on 4 pound in 1 night. I know it's just water but was disheartening. 2 days later and I'm still 2 pound up...Although I'm back on the wagon, so hopefully it will come off! So any weight I lost last week was cancelled out! By Friday I hope to have eliminated the excess weight! In other news Monday I went to the GP. I've been having heart burn associated with pain under my rib. Dr Google informed me I had gallstones, an ulcer or cancer!!!! The GP had a good palpate and thinks it's a pulled muscle. He has started me on omeprazole. He said that the weight gain this year will have undoubtedly caused the heart burn! So this is a wake up call! I just need to stop stress getting in the way of my goal! So this week being motivated xx
So weighed myself today and have lost the excess plus one extra pound, so the scales are heading in the right direction! Got to keep going! Think I might have to log everyday. So going on a school trip in 2.5 weeks time so want to be at least 10 pounds lighter. We are going to legoland. How embarrassing if I can't get on the rides!!! X
Hi Jojo, sorry to hear about your dad, I can understand how stressful it must be for you. But well done for taking the step to restart exante and take control of your weight. Let's face it as most of us know ( most have fell off the wagon at some point Inc me) it's bloody hard to not eat any 'normal' food and only have 3 foodpacks a day, I have to become a recluse because I find it too tempting to go out to any restaurants, I tried that in jaunary, thought I'd only have proteins, and it was ok at first but of course then I started eating other things and failed big time.... so here I am on day 2 restart and determined not to put one morcel of food in my mouth this time, that's the only way to do it for me. Good luck with your journey keep writing a journey of your foodpacks and how your feeling , it really helps and is good motivation for others.