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eating without thinking


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I need to get a grip, we went out on Sunday afternoon with the baby to the beach, hubby bought bubbs a mini milk as it was hot and he and I had a feast. I scoffed it without a second thought, it was only when I got home and discovered it was 8 points that I realised how daft I was! :eek::rolleyes::eek::rolleyes::eek::rolleyes:

I can think of a million ways to spend 8 points that don't include a feast ice-cream!! Thankfully I was still within my limit for the day but even so, I was mad at myself for eating without thinking about what I was doing! Anyone else find they still have moments like that?
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should of swapped with the baby lol! Mini Milks only 0.5! :D

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Oooh! What other ice-lollies are low in points? I always ignore the ice-cream van at work but my colleagues eat 99's around me!

Yes, I often eat without thinking - that's my problem! So easy just to put something in your mouth that you've been given to taste, or drink!

C xx
I just recently discoved Fab's are 1.5 points. Skinny cow ice creams are 1.5 points and I think that the del monte smoothie ones are similar or less.
twisters are 1.5 to my shock thought they would be well more!


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I always blow my points like that. Problem is that I only ever did WW online before, and don't have any books. I will go out with a couple of ice creams in mind that I looked online for, but then I can't find the ones I had planned for! I end up eating whatever I want and paying the consequences later!

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Starting again!!
Oooh twisters! :D


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yes i do that alot!..i need to stop myself most days!.wow twisters are only 1.5 points...i love twisters!!!
You mean, the HUGE twisters? I say huge, I remember them being huge but then I haven't seen one in the flesh since before I started dieting!
ha ha i did the same the other day, on Friday it was scorching hot, so missy here popped out for an ice cream, classic cornetto...delicious but it had to be that one day when i didn't have my ww food directory in my handbag, so when i got home and looked it up i was gutted to say the least, that is was 6.5 points aahhhhhh!! So now i have stuck to exotic soleros, which are only 2 pts. It's sometimes trial and error x

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